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Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Wogdon & Barton

A Fine Cased Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Wogdon & Barton. 15 ½” overall, 10” slightly swamped octagonal twist 28 bore barrels signed 'Wogdon & Barton London' in script on the top flats, struck with view mark beneath the breeches, the barrelsmith's mark 'RW', gold lined vents, border engraved case hardened tangs incorporating the back sights & decorated with scrolls & flowers & a band of foliage behind the breeches.

Stepped bevelled locks signed ‘Wogdon & Barton’, fitted with bevelled cocks, spoon shaped pans, bolt safety catches. Figured walnut full stocks, flat sided butts, blued iron mounts comprising steel domed engraved butt caps, border engraved trigger guards decorated with a central bouquet & with pineapple finials, a pair of ramrod pipes each with its original horn tipped ramrods, one with a worm. In their original fitted oak green baize line caddy topped case, the lid inset folding carrying handle, complete with original accessories including copper three way flask, bullet mould, loading rod and wad cutter. Circa 1795-1800

Best quality pistols in very good condition, most original finish.

Flinlock duelling pistols Wogdon Barton for sale antique guns for sale UK fine

Robert Wogdon was apprenticed to Edward Newton of Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1748. He is recorded as 'Gunmaker, at Mr. Maw's Haberdasher, Cockspur St., Charing Cross' in 1764. He carried on his business in Haymarket from 1774 until his retirement in 1802. From 1795 he was in partnership with John Barton who carried on the business following Wogdon's retirement.
See John O'Sullivan & De Witt Bailey, Robert Wogdon & Barton, John Barton, London Gunmakers 1764-1819, 2019,     Pages 183-5        

Stock number: 8920 - Price: £18,995

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Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Durs Egg 

Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Durs EggA Fine Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Durs Egg. 15 ½” overall, 10” octagonal twist 34 bore sighted barrel with ‘D.EGG LONDON’ in gold on the top flat, London proofs on the underside, silver fore sight, adjustable rear sight on breech, gold lined touch hole, shaped tang engraved with a martial trophy, signed ‘D.Egg’. Engraved flat bevelled locks with safety catch, set trigger, semi-rainproof pan, roller on frizzen spring. Figured walnut half stock, the butt with fine chequering, engraved steel mounts including large trigger guard with spur decorated with a martial trophy, butt cap, ramrod pipe, fore-end cap and steel cross hatched ramrod.

Circa 1800. Very Good condition

Durs Egg Son of Leonz Egg, gunmaker, Switzerland. Born 1748, baptised Urs Christian. After a short stay in Paris came to London and worked for John Twigg 1772. Granted denization in 1791. Gunmaker & Sword Cutler. Became gunmaker to George IV & Duke of York.  Price: £3,995

Double Barrelled Percussion Howdah Pistol by Charles Jones

A Very Fine Double Barrelled Percussion Howdah Pistol by Charles Jones. 11 ½ ” overall with 6” 36 bore Damascus barrels, bead fore sight, Birmingham Proofs on underside. Engraved ‘Charles Jones 26 St James’s Street London Pistol Maker to Prince Albert ’ on rib. Tang with deep scroll engraving. Flat scroll engraved lock plate singed ‘Charles Jones’, flat hammers with scroll engraving. Walnut full stock chequered at wrist, silver escutcheon with owners crest and initials ‘E.C.’, engraved butt cap with sprung trap, scroll engraved trigger guard with pineapple finial, and brass tipped ebony ramrod. In its original mahogany case with round lifting ring and escutcheon with owners initials ‘E.C.No.3’. Fitted with accessories including bullet mould, powder flask, cap tin and loading rod. Circa 1840.

Fine Double Barrelled Percussion Howdah Pistol UK for sale Charles Jones antique guns dealerA pistol of the highest quality in very good condition with most of its original finish.

Charles Jones 26 St James’s Street 1828-42 and Whittal Street Birmingham 1831-43. Gunmaker to William IV, Prince Albert and Louis Philippe King of France.
Provence Dr Robert Rabbet Collection Exhibited at The Craft of the Gunmaker 1640-1870 exhibition at Rochester Guildhall 1991-1992 exhibit No. 88
See Dictionary of London Gunmakers page 123 for trade card.
Sir Edward Conroy, the 2nd Baronet , was born on 6 December 1809 at Dublin. After education at Charterhouse and Christ Church (where he graduated with a Pass Degree in 1830), he went on a European tour. In 1833 he was engaged briefly as an unpaid attaché in the Diplomatic Service at Brussels, and a few years he later he obtained a position at the London General Register Office. The last perhaps gave him a taste for the genealogy and antiquarian studies which were the principal diversion of his later years. To these studies he brought a curious combination of credulity in matters of legend, and critical scholarship in matters capable of documentary proof.
The story of his private life runs like a Victorian melodrama. In 1837 Lady Alicia Parsons, daughter of the Earl of Rosse, eloped with him from London to Gretna Green, where they were married. But the romance did not endure. Soon after the birth of their only child in 1845, they parted, probably because Conroy had a wandering eye. He had an affair with a ‘Mary’ in 1847 and a few years later an ‘adopted daughter’ appears on the scene. She may have been just that, but the circumstances imply that she was in fact his natural daughter, as she subsequently claimed. Shortly before his death, he sent his wife a passionate plea for forgiveness. Her response suggests that reconciliation might have followed, but he died too soon, on 3 November 1869.     Price: £7,995

British Rook Rifle London William Evans

A Cased .297/.250 Rook Rifle by William Evans. 42 ½” overall, 27” octagonal barrel, the top-flat partially file cut and engraved 'WILLIAM EVANS. , 63 PALL MALL. ST. JAMES'S. LONDON.', sighted barrel with two leaf sights and fitted with an Oigee 2 ½ magnification telescope sight. Removable striker disc, automatic safety, border and acanthus scroll engraving, retaining most original colour hardening and finish.  14 ½” pistol grip stock with engraved steel pistol grip cap.

British Rook Rifle London William Evans Antique Guns for sale London British Military

In its original leather brass cornered case with trade label of William Evans and cleaning rod and funnel. Number 12377 for 1919. 
A fine little rifle in very good condition, nearly all original finish remaining.       Price:  £4,750  

Percussion Revolver British London Adams Rigby Rammer

A Fine 54 Bore Cased Adams 1851 Percussion Revolver. 12 ½” overall, 6 ¾” barrel signed ‘Deane Adams & Deane 30 King William St. London Bridge’ on the top flat and on the barrel angles ‘E & E Emanuel Agents 3 The Hard Portsea’. 5 shot cylinder with London proof. Frame border engraved, marked ‘Adams Patent No 12709 R’, folding Rigby rammer. Finely chequered walnut butt.

Percussion Revolver British London Adams Rigby Rammer In its baize lined oak screwed case with round escutcheon, with all accessories including cap bag with label, Dixon powder flask, Adams bullet mould, oil bottle, turn screws, nipple key, wad cutter, bone box with spare nipples and loading rod. Deane Adams & Deane label in lid.
Circa 1852
Good condition nearly all finish remaining, one barrel edge with some knocks, case and accessories in very good condition. Cap bag labels worn.                            
E & E Emanuel, The Hard, Portsea clockmakers also retailers of Swords, telescopes and many maritime instruments, by appointment to the Queen as clockmakers, also at 101 The High Street, Portsmouth from 1855.  Price: £3,695

Percussion 150 Bore Pepperbox 6 Shot Revolver - Coopers Patent

A Coopers Patent Percussion 150 Bore Pepperbox 6 Shot Revolver. 8” overall, 3” barrel block with Birmingham proof marks, under hammer ring trigger, round iron frame florally engraved ‘J.R. Cooper’s patent’, top sliding safety, two piece chequered walnut grips.Circa 1850
In good condition much original finish.

Percussion 150 Bore Pepperbox 6 Shot Revolver - Coopers Patent
James Rock Cooper 1838-63. 24 Legg Street Birmingham. Under hammer double action pepperbox patented 20 Sept 1849.   Price: £795

Pair of Percussion Duelling Pistols by Joseph Egg

A Fine Cased Pair of Percussion Duelling Pistols by Joseph Egg. 15 ½” overall, 10” 38 bore octagonal barrels with blade fore sights signed ‘Joseph Egg Piccadilly London’ on top flat sight, one with later polygroove rifling. Border engraved case-hardened patent breeches each recessed on one side, engraved with a foliate scroll on top and with pierced platinum plug, tangs each with back sight and decorated with foliate scrolls, signed ‘Joseph Egg’.

Case hardened border engraved flat detented locks each decorated with foliate scrolls, dolphin hammers en suite, engraved safety catches. Highly figured half stocks  each with silver fore-end cap and chequered rounded butt, the latter each with steel cap decorated with repeated foliate scrolls centred on an oval engraved with owner's crest, (Copland, Twickenham, Middlesex). Blued steel D-shaped trigger guards each decorated with scrolling foliage on the border engraved bow, trigger plates each with engraved pineapple shaped finial, turned rear ramrod pipes, vacant gold escutcheons, silver barrel bolt escutcheons, set triggers, original brass mounted ramrods,
In a later J Egg & Son lined and fitted mahogany case with some accessories including small brass mounted powder flask, the interior of the lid with maker's trade label for 1835-41, the exterior of the lid with circular vacant brass escutcheon.
Pistols Circa 1815, converted to percussion from flintlock circa 1835 and fitted in a new case by J Egg & Sons. One barrel may have been rifled then. Barrels made by William Fullered [1808-35] who later worked almost exclusively for J.Purdy.

Durrs Egg Duelling Pistols British Antique Guns UK dealer for sale

Very best quality pistols in very good condition, barrels well refinished some original finish to trigger guards.

The crest is that of Copland, Twickenham, Middlesex
Joseph Egg was at 1 Piccadilly (corner of Piccadilly and Haymarket) from 1814 to 1834, and as Joseph & Sons and Joseph & Co. at the same address between 1835 and 1841. Several gunmakers claimed to have invented the copper cap, which was introduced shortly before 1820. See Claude Blair, 'The Egg Family, Part 1 and Part 1 (contd.)', Journal of the Arms & Armour Society, Vol. VII (1973), pp. 266-299 and 306-353   £9,995

Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Wogdon Silver Mounted

A Very Fine & Rare Silver Mounted Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Wogdon. 15” overall,  10” octagonal sighted 28 bore barrel signed in gold ‘Wogdon’ in an oval tablet within an engraved star burst, a gold rearing lion stamp & engraved ‘London’ along the sighting flat. Gold lined breech with a transverse band of beadwork at the rear, blade fore sight & gold lined touch holes, proof marks and Wogdon's barrelsmith's mark on under side. Tang finely engraved with foliage & band of beadwork & incorporating the back sight, flat bevelled detented lock signed on a gold oval suspended from engraved swags, each engraved with a rocaille on the stepped tail. Engraved safety catch, cock & steel, figured full stock with rounded flat sided butts, cast & chased mounts comprising flat engraved side plate with a trophy of arms, butt cap with the seated figure of Britannia framed by rocailles & foliage, engraved trigger guard with pineapple finial & decorated with a flower head on the bow, turned silver ramrod pipes, set trigger & horn tipped ramrod.
Hall marked for 1784. Very best quality pistol in very good condition. Original finish to barrel.  Trigger plate restored, (cracked). Engraved flat side plates which are only on Wogdons very best work are known on two other pairs one in the Royal collection and one at the Naval Museum at Greenwich.

Rare Silver Mounted Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Wogdon

Robert Wogdon was apprenticed to Edward Newton of Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1748. He is recorded as 'Gunmaker, at Mr. Maw's Haberdasher, Cockspur St., Charing Cross' in 1764. He carried on his business in Haymarket from 1774 until his retirement in 1802. From 1795 he was in partnership with John Barton who carried on the business following Wogdon's retirement.
Similar Pistols illustrated in John O'Sullivan & De Witt Bailey, Robert Wogdon & Barton, John Barton, London Gunmakers 1764-1819, 2019, & 164/5 &172/3.        £9,995

Civil War Period 12 Bore English Lock Flintlock Musket

An Extremely Rare Civil War Period 12 Bore English Lock Flintlock Musket. 62” overall, 46 ¼” three stage barrel, octagonal over the breech, struck with London Proofs & an Ordnance(?) mark. Fitted with a flat type five English lock retained by three side nails, full bodied cock with dog catch & facetted frizzen pan. Paddle shaped butt, full stocked with large flat iron trigger guard with pointed finial, brass sheet butt plate nailed on & small thin brass ramrod pipes & ramrod (possibly original?).
Circa 1645

Civil War Period 12 Bore English Lock Flintlock Musket For Sale Antique Guns Dealer UK
In very good condition for age, lock is completely original with an unidentified stamped maker’s mark of a ‘T’ inside. Contemporary plated repair to side plate, one side nail replaced, rear sight missing.
An unrecorded Civil War musket in very good unaltered condition.
See ‘Littlecote The English Civil War Armoury’ by Richardson & Rimer pages 225-268, also London Park Lane Arms Fair guide 2002.  £11,995

Colt London Navy Percussion Revolver - Fred Lowry

A Fine Cased Colt London Navy Percussion Revolver, 13 ½” overall, 7 ½" octagonal barrel with bead foresight engraved on top flat ‘address Col Colt London', and to the side flat ‘FRED LOWRY’. London proof marks, naval cylinder scene with London proofs, frame stamped on l/h side 'Colts patent'.  Iron trigger guard and backstrap, all parts numbered 33125. Varnished walnut grips. In its original oak, green velvet lined London case with loading instructions label and accessories including large Dixon Patent powder flask, Colts patent bullet mould, turnscrew, cap tin and cleaning rod. 33125 for 1854.

Colt London Navy Percussion Revolver - Fred Lowry
In good condition, some original finish, good cylinder scene apart from a stripe of old pitting where the pistol has lain in the case.
The only reference we can find for Fred Lowry is that of an Australian Bushranger who was a horse stealer, a rustler and highwayman who stole £5,700 (£750000 today) from the Mudgee mail robbery in July 1863. He was killed in a gun fight with police while armed with two Colts on August 39th 1863 at Goulburn.  £6,995

British Officer's Light Cavalry Sword

A Very Fine Presentation 1796 Light Cavalry Sword. 37” overall, 31 ½” curved undecorated blade with double edged pointed tip pointed and pronounced 'Yelman', with pointed langlets, stirrup bow and wire bound ebony handle. In its Kilij type steel scabbard with twin ring suspension and engraved presentation inscription 'Presented to Sergt Major W.Breatt R.H.A. Rty by his Commanding Officer 1825'.
Dated 1825 (W Breatt was promoted QSM in May 1825)

British Officer Sword Presentation 1796 Light Cavalry Edged Weapon
Sword in good condition with a very good blade, engraving a little rubbed.
William Breatt was born in Nuneaton in 1787 rising from Private to Sergeant Major in the Royal Horse Artillery, attesting for service in 1805 at the age of 18. He was discharged on the 31st May 1835 due to chronic rheumatism and deficiency of respiration. We think he served in Captain Bulls Troop RHA, but his name is not on the Waterloo roll and he did not claim his Army General Service Medal. Sold with some copied research, more time spent may be rewarding.     £2,250

Over & Under Percussion Pistol by Kavanagh of Dublin

 An Over & Under Percussion Pistol by Kavanagh of Dublin. 10 ¼” overall, 4 ¼” sighted square to round 40 bore over and under barrels engraved ‘DUBLIN’ and decorated with a sunburst on top of the breeches with scroll engraved tang, scroll engraved back action locks signed ‘KAVANAGH’ with engraved dolphin cocks. Double triggers, trigger guard engraved with a trophy of arms, walnut butt chequered at the grip. Swivel ramrod. Circa 1845.

Over & Under Percussion Pistol by Kavanagh Ireland Irish Dublin double triggers
In very good condition. Much original finish.                               
William Kavanagh (Jr. was a gunmaker at 11 Dame Street in Dublin in 1840-1849 and then moved to 12 Dame Street. His father was a well respected Irish gunmaker and was active until his death in 1849 as was his brother James who died in 1870.
See "Cavanagh (alt spelling to Kavanagh) the Dublin Gunmakers: Circa 1817-1923" by David Stroud. £3,495

antique guns for sale british irish military sword cavalry arms UK dealer


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A Superb Pair of Flintlock Officers Pistols by Nock. 15” overall, 9 ¼” 16 bore barrels: octagonal Nock’s Patent breeches, to round barrel engraved with a starburst, top flats of breeches engraved ‘H. Nock London’, barrel tangs florally engraved. Flat stepped lockplates engraved ‘Nock’, swan necked cocks plain with chamfered edges. Waterproof pans, rollers to frizzen springs, plain walnut full stocks with semi slab sided butts, single side nails.


Gilt brass furniture comprising trigger guards with pineapple finials, 2 ramrod pipes, horn tipped ramrods with worms. Barrels retained with round pins, in their original block leather holsters.
These pistols although severely plain are of the highest quality, pistols and holsters are in mint condition. Circa 1796-1800 - £9,995

Henry Nock London appointed gunmaker in ordinary to King George III 1789, died 1804


Stock number X1974 For more Flintlock Pistol photos click here

A Fine Rare Pair of Flintlock Toby Pistols by I. Backhouse

Flintlock Pistols Toby Pair UK Antique Guns for Sale Keith Neal and D.H.L. Back, Great British Gunmakers 1540-1740

7 ½” overall, 2 ¼” cannon turned turn-off barrels with London Proofs, foliate engraved breeches and tangs, small rounded lock plates engraved ‘I. Backhouse’. Swan neck cocks, engraved en suite, figured half stocks, globular butts, shaped engraved brass side-plates, and drop shaped triggers without guards. Circa 1715                        
Rare to find Toby pistols as pairs, very nice condition. Some old pitting to barrels, one fore end with a repair.

EX W. Keith Neal Collection, P570 Fine Antique Firearms from the W. Keith Neal Collection, 10 November 2005, lot 89.

See W. Keith Neal and D.H.L. Back, Great British Gunmakers 1540-1740, 1984, p. 383, pl. 159, colour plates XXV and XXVI

Stock number 8774 - £2,995 For more photos click here

A Rare Percussion Riviere Patent Sporting Rifle

48” overall, 32”octagonal 17 bore octagonal barrel, polygonal at the muzzle and rifled with ten spiral grooves, the breech signed along the top flat ‘Riviere Rifle Gun Maker London’ with three folding leaf back-sight, with London Proofs on under side, octagonal breech with two platinum lines and pierced engraved platinum plug, border engraved enclosed action decorated with an animal mask amid foliage, and with a lion-mask on the left side, the tang engraved 'Riviere Patent 165', dolphin hammer.

Percussion Riviere Patent Sporting Rifle ANTIQUE GUNS FOR SALE UK

Walnut figured half stock with chequered pistol grip and fore-end, the former with earlier silver lion mask pommel, the latter with border engraved steel cap decorated around the ramrod aperture, butt stamped '3207' along the bottom. Border engraved steel mounts comprising partly chequered butt plate decorated with two diamond shape marks each with starburst, triangular aperture for a peep sight, D-shaped trigger guard decorated with symmetrical foliage, trigger plate with engraved finial, adjustable set trigger, sling loops, tubular ramrod pipe, and brass mounted ramrod. Circa 1825.

In good condition, rebrowned barrel, engraving a little rubbed, bore near mint, ramrod a later replacement. Stock number 8771 More photos

Isaac Riviere was granted English Patent No. 5175 (for concealed percussion locks) in 1825. His lock was rejected by the Ordnance in 1834. He joined the H.A.C. in 1821, became a Captain in the Jäger Corps in which he served between 1833 and 1848, he died in 1851

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A Fine Blue & Gilt 1805 Naval Flag Officers Sword

37" overall, 32" spadroon blue & gilt blade engraved with Royal coat of arms, trophies of arms, trailing foliage and ‘John Gill’s Warranted’ in a ribbon. Gilt mounted with 'D' neo classical guard, fouled anchors on the langets, lions head pommel. Grip with twisted gilt wire. In its original gilt and black leather scabbard with maker’s roundel ‘Johnson late Bland & Foster Sword Cuttlers & Belt Makers 68 St James St London’. With later Flag Officer suspension mounts with oak leaves and acorns.

Sword Circa 1810, Admirals mounts Circa 1825

Sword and scabbard in very good condition blue & gilt good, blade with original polish remaining.

John Gill 1803 to 1837 Johnson 1792 to 1832

Stock number 8781 £2,250

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flintlock pistols for sale uk antique guns

A Very Good Cased Pair of Flintlock Officers Pistols by Ross of Edinburgh

13 ½” overall, 8" sighted octagonal barrels, engraved ‘Edinburgh’ on the top flat, platinum touch holes. Gold lined at false breeches, engraved tangs incorporating rear sights. Flat bolted lockplates engraved with military trophies, signed ‘Ross’. With waterproof pans, and rollers on steel springs,. Dark walnut full stocks with finely chequered butts, engraved iron trigger guards, with pineapple finials, single ramrod pipe, brass tipped ramrods.  In their baize lined mahogany case, with some accessories including three way flask, cleaning rod & bullet mould.
Circa 1820   
Very good quality pistols in mint unfired condition, retaining all original finish, case partly relined.

Daniel Ross, (known as Old Daniel) well known gunmaker and philanthropist, Born 1791, gunmaker at South Hanover Street, Edinburgh 1815- 1839, died 1871

Gifted the Ross Fountain to the people of Edinburgh - Stock number X1975 - For photos click here

A Very Rare Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol by H W Mortimer

14 ½” overall, 8 ¼” two stage flared steel barrel, engraved ‘H. Mortimer London’ on the top flat, with London proofs and H.M. barrel smith’s mark, the tang florally engraved.  Stepped bolted lockplate, swan neck cock, roller on toe of the frizzen, signed in script ‘H Mortimer’.  Walnut full stock with raised carving around the apron, engraved silver escutcheon, with border engraved steel mounts comprising long eared stepped butt-cap, trigger guard decorated with a flower head on the bow and acorn finial, turned ramrod pipes, with horn tipped ramrod with worm. Circa 1772-83                                                                                             
In good condition, cock a working life replacement, minor pitting to barrel near touch hole.

A very fine and rare blunderbuss pistol by Mortimer, only a very few early pistols were signed ‘H. Mortimer’ he then used H.W. Mortimer. Blunderbuss pistols by H.W.Mortimer are very uncommon
Ex H. Lee Munson collection.
See The Mortimer Gun Makers 1753-1926 pages 27-28 and plates 33-37.
Harvey Walklate Mortimer, son of Samuel Mortimer, born 1753. Apprenticed to father 1772; free of Farriers Co. 1782; elected Assistant 1807. Gunmaker at Mr Greens ironmonger, 6 Kings Street., Lincolns Inn Fields, 1779; 89 Fleet Street. 1782-99. Appointed Gunmaker to George III 1783. Contractor to East India Co. 1796-1806. Specialised in repeating pistols and gold mounted guns for the Eastern market. Retired, 1811. Died 1819.  

A Royal Scots Officers Sword of Irish War of Independence Interest

41 ½” overall, 35” straight blade with broad fuller and spear point, engraved with ER VII cipher to one side and ‘Royal Scots’ to the other, with scrolling thistles and ‘Henry Wilkinson Pall Mall London’ and numbered 40950 on the spine. With pierced steel bowl guard of Scottish staff officer pattern with St Andrew behind a Saltair surrounded by thistles. Fish skin grip with twisted steel wire in it’s field service pattern scabbard. No 40950

Circa 1906                                                                             

Sold with many pages of research and a book on the history of MI5 and another on the Irish war of independence Click here for photos

A rare sword in very good condition, blade polish near perfect. Stock number   X1969 

Maldwyn Makgill Haldane - Nephew of Richard Haldane   Secretary of State of War, 1905-1912.
Haldane Reforms (Territorial Force) Lord Chancellor, 1912-1915

1st Viscount Haldane
Commissioned Royal Scots   04 January 1899
Captain, General Staff HQ Army   1909
Major, General Staff War Office, 1910
Major, War Office, 1914 (Declaration of War)
Major, Head of H Branch MI5 throughout the war (under Lt. Colonel Kell)
Lt. Colonel, 1st January 1918
Lt. Colonel, 1920, A Branch (Director of Administration) Ireland, Dublin Castle. The IRA guerrilla war 1920-22
Lt. Colonel, 1922, Director Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Belfast
Author of ‘History of the Fourth Battalion The Seaforth Highlanders

June 2021 Antique Guns and Armoury Stock - A Fine & Rare Flintlock Rifled Nock Light Cavalry Carbine

44" overall, 28" browned, sighted, round barrel with 7 groove rifling; Nock's patent octagonal breech with London proof marks, engraved 'London No 9' on the top flat, fixed block ‘V’ rearsight.  Rounded, bevelled, double border line engraved lockplate, engraved 'H.Nock' under the pan, rounded, double border line and foliate engraved, swan necked cock.  Walnut full stock with saddle bar and ring, full length split ramrod channel.  Brass furniture comprising butt plate, sideplate, trigger guard incorporating tail pipe, 2 ramrod pipes and forend cap; ramrod with swelling towards top, and the  other end with brass cap enclosing a wooden plug to prevent distortion of the ball on ramming.  Bow of trigger guard engraved 'C' over 'Y*C' (Cobham (Kent) Yeomanry Cavalry). Circa 1795 For more photos click here

A Rare Zulu War Pattern 1857 Officers Sword by Wilkinson of Pall Mall

41” overall, 35" straight spear pointed blade etched with owners name ‘Harry Parr’ in a ribbon and ‘Henry Wilkinson Pall Mall London’. Back edge stamped 22991. Steel hilt, the bowl of open work scrolled form with engraved foliage designs. Wire bound fish skin grip, with silver wire sword knot. Steel scabbard with pigskin leather cover, with steel drag

No. 22991 for 1879.                                                                                    

A very unusual and rare sword that must have been ordered for service in South Africa, the scroll hilt offered the best hand protection of any in British service and the leather covered scabbard as protection from burns in the tropical sun

In very good condition, plain blade with all original polish.

Sold with many pages of research and a copy of the Henry Parr book on the Zulu War. For more photos click here