Est. 1986 Owner Philip Spooner is a trusted and specialist Antique Arms and Armour dealer in the UK.

We buy

We are always seeking to buy quality items of British Antique Arms & Armour, and provide a selling on commission service, and consider part exchanges:

Flintlock Duelling Pistols, Silver Mounted Holster Pistols, British Military Pistols and Swords, English Revolvers, American Revolvers, Silver Hilted Swords, and Militaria pre 1900.

We also offer valuations, and free advice with future planning and assistance with Estates and Probate.

In the first instance please send us some photographs of your item (s). via email ( text or WhatsApp. (07855519934) showing each side of the item and close ups of makers names and the most interesting bits ! or give us a call.

Selling on Commission

This is a very attractive method of realising a good price for your items whilst retaining more control than selling at auction and without the significant premiums. We have been selling items on commission for over thirty years and have established an excellent reputation for the sale of single pieces to entire collections. In essence the system works like this:- 
When you contact us with an item (s) that you are considering selling we will discuss with you the price that you would achieve upon us selling the item. We would ask you to send us photographs, or perhaps the item itself (West Street Antiques would arrange for collection and insurance at no cost - UK Only, for overseas please contact us for a quote). Should you decide not to let us sell the item for you we would return it (again at no cost within the UK). We are able to offer such terms as we are confident in the service that we offer. Once we have been instructed we will use the many methods at our disposal to sell the item; inclusion on our website, advertising, notifying the customers on our extensive database of collectors, showing at specialist fairs, etc. Once the item sells we will, of course, arrange delivery and complete the necessary paperwork, currency exchange, etc. At no time will there be any charge made to the seller.Our 'Commission' is the price that we are able to achieve over and above the one agreed with the seller. 
We make payment to the seller as soon as the item has been sold and paid for in full. The seller retains the right to the return of their item at any time if it remains unsold. Again, this would not attract any costs if returned to a UK address, and has only happened rarely in the past. We feel certain that this method is mutually beneficial. It excludes for the seller the vagaries of auction, the long wait for payment after the sale and the extensive charges that the auctioneer will have made, regardless of whether the item sells. The benefit to West Street Antiques is no capital outlay and satisfied customers, as we rely heavily on repeat custom.