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British Military Swords UK For Sale Antique Edged Weapons

British Military Swords and Antique Edged Weapons

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1822 Pattern Infantry Officers Pipe Back Sword

A Fine & Rare 1822 Pattern Infantry Officers Pipe Back Sword. 37 ½” overall with 32” slightly curved pipe back blade, double edged for the last 9" & etched on each side with the crowned GR cypher of George IV, and foliage, in a cartouche, gilt brass Gothic three bar fixed hilt with crowned GR IV cypher, sword knot slit near pommel, stepped pommel with tang button, acanthus decoration on the backpiece, fish skin grip with twisted brass wire. 

In its original black leather scabbard with engraved gilt brass mounts, frog stud and two later suspension rings (In 1826 sling mounts were adopted so all scabbards were fixed with loose rings). Circa 1822-26 - Stock number 8828

1822 Pattern Infantry Officers Pipe Back Sword British Military Swords for sale UK  Antique Edged Weapons

British Military Swords, Naval, Infantry, Victorian


We aim to stock the Regulation Patterns including both Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry 1796 swords and regimental variations including Household Cavalry Swords.

From the Napoleonic War, particularly those with Waterloo history and fine blue and gilt blades, the 1796 and 1788 Patterns. The Crimean War and Indian Mutiny 1821 Light Cavalry and Heavy Cavalry Swords along with Universal Pattern 1853.

Our later offerings include Victorian Swords such as 1882, 1885,1890 and 1899 patterns concentrating on those with good provenance and regimental interest, and First World War 1908 Troopers, 1912 Officers cavalry swords and 1897 Infantry Officers Swords, where attributable to named owners.

Our earlier offerings range from the English Civil War era with English Mortuary Hilted Swords and Hounslow Hangers, then the Scottish Rebellions of 1715 and 1745 Basket Hilted Swords, both Scottish Claymores and English Back Swords, to American War of Independence Spadroons and Infantry Hangers antique edged weapons.

Birmingham Percussion Top Hat Pistols

A Very Fine Cased Pair of Percussion Top Hat Pistols. 6 ¼” overall, 1 ½” round turn off barrels decorated with a gold band at the muzzle and stamped below with Birmingham proofs. Round box lock actions profusely engraved on both sides with geometric foliate designs, border engraved cocks, sliding safety catches that also lock the mechanism. Finely chequered bag shaped butts with engraved white metal butt caps. In a flush fitted pistol box with all accessories including, fine small three way flask, barrel key and oil bottle, the lid with trade card of ‘LANG Gun, Rifle & Pistol Manufactory, 22 Cockspur Street London’.
Circa 1825-30

A very crisp pair in mint condition. The box may not be original. Stock number 8822

British Military Percussion-Top-Hat-Pistols-Joseph-Lang-uk-antique-for-sale

Top Hat percussion pistols where the cap is held in place by a hinged cover, were a short lived development on the way to a true percussion pistol, most were converted during their working lives.

Joseph Lang Gunmaker opened as Gun & Pistol Repository from Wilson’s Warehouse, Vigo Lane 7 Haymarket 1825-52, Shooting Gallery adjoining from 1827, 22 Cockspur St. Charing Cross 1853-74. Became Joseph Lang & Sons eventually amalgamating with Stephen Grant. Exhibited 4 and 6 barrel revolvers at the Great Exhibition, 1851. Popularised the pinfire breechloader. Died 1869.

English Flintlock Musket 10 Bore Civil War

A Rare Civil War Period 10 Bore English Lock Flintlock Musket. 57" overall, 42” three stage barrel, swelling towards the muzzle, octagonal over the breech, struck with Commonwealth Ordnance marks and fitted with a flat type one English lock retained by three side nails, dog leg cock with horizonal sear, and buffer, frizzen spring retained with vertical two screw bridal. Paddle shaped butt, full stocked with large flat iron trigger guard with pointed finials and small thin brass ramrod pipes.  Replaced brass tipped later ramrod. Circa 1650 - Stock number X1987

Antique Edged Weapons for sale uk cutlass British Military Swords War Cavalry Troopers English Scottish Scotland

Generally very good condition for age, one of the finest Commonwealth muskets surviving. Ex Apethorpe Armoury. See London Park Lane Arms Fair Guide 2002.  

English Percussion Duelling Pistol by Forsyth London

A Very Fine and Rare Percussion Duelling Pistol by Forsyth & Co. 16” overall, 10” browned twist octagonal 40 bore sighted barrel signed ‘FORSYTH & CO., PATENT GUNMAKERS, LONDON’ along the top flat, London Proofs.

Flintlock Duelling Pistol For Sale UK 2021 2022 John Manton Antique Guns for sale

Case hardened octagonal breech with two platinum lines and pierced platinum plug, border engraved case hardened tangs each foliate decorated. Signed ‘FORSYTH & CO., PATENT’ border engraved case hardened, serial numbered, detented back-action lock engraved with foliage and with blued safety catch, hammer en suite with the lock. Highly figured butt with chequered grip and flat ovoidal pommel, blued D-shaped trigger guard decorated with swirling foliage, numbered 4022 on the tang. Vacant silver escutcheon on flat of butt, original brass tipped ramrod. No. 4022 Circa 1835.

Of the very best quality and unusual design, retaining much of its original finish. For a very similar pistols (nos. 4129 and 4130) see D.H.L. Back, Great British Gunmakers, Forsyth & Co. Patent Gunmakers 1806-1852, 1995, pl. 39. We sold cased pair 4010 and 4011 last year.

British Military Swords UK For Sale Antique Edged Weapons Percussion-Double-Barrel-long-Gun-Pratt-Edinburgh
FORSYTH & CO. A.J. Forsyth, J. Brougham & C.B. Uther, Patent Gun Manufacturers, 10 Piccadilly, 1809-16; 8 Leicester St, Leicester Square 1816-52. Exhibited patent locks and safety gun at the Great Exhibition, 1851.
Stock number 8821.

English Lock London Armoury Single Action Revolver 12" Confederate Kerr

A Confederate Kerr Patent 54 Bore Single Action Revolver. 12" overall with 5 5/8" octagonal barrel with London proofs and 'LAC'. One piece frame with five shot cylinder with London proofs and No 4715. The action engraved 'Kerrs Patent 4715' and 'London Armoury'. Kerrs patent rammer, back action lock, side hammer, lockplate engraved 'London Armoury co.' One piece chequered walnut grip with ‘J.S’ anchor mark a Confederate inspector’s mark, butt plate with lanyard ring.
Circa 1862
In good condition, mechanically sound, with 50% finish. Stock number 8824

Revolver-Confederate-Kerr-Patent-54-Bore  for sale uk Guns Pistols Duelling Flintlock Antique Edged Weapons cutlass British Military Swords War Cavalry Troopers English Scottish Scotland

The Confederacy would ultimately purchase more than 70,000 Enfield pattern rifles from LAC, as well as Kerr’s patent sharp shooting rifles and 7,000-9,000 Kerr revolvers – the vast majority of LAC’s production during the war. So much of their production, that the LAC would actually fail and dissolve in 1866 when their best customer ceased to exist.

The JS / Anchor is the stamp of John Southgate, contract viewer for the London Armoury company. Others have suggested it might be John Smiles, also a viewer for LAC. Or maybe John Sinclair, a partner in Sinclair, Hamilton, & Co. importers of weapons for the Confederacy. Then there is John Slidell, a Confederate Commissioner to Europe, but maybe James Seddon, a Confederate Secretary of War. The mark is sometimes found on LAC Enfield rifles.

The English Connection: Arms, Material and Support Furnished to the Confederate States of America by Great Britain, by  Pritchard, Russ A. Jr., and C.A. Huey. See page 112, 113. 

Percussion Double Barrel Sporting Gun by Pratt of Edinburgh

English Percussion Double Barrel Sporting Gun by Pratt of Edinburgh British Military Swords for sale UK  Antique Edged Weapons

A Fine High Quality Percussion Double Barrel Sporting Gun by Pratt of Edinburgh. 50” overall, 32 ½” 10 bore sighted Damascus browned barrels engraved ‘J. PRATT 24 FREDERICK STREET EDINBURGH’.

Border and scroll engraved case colour hardened breeches with platinum vents, border and scroll engraved locks signed ‘J.Pratt’ decorated with game birds. Half stocked with chequered fore-end and wrist, border and scroll engraved steel mounts decorated with hunting scenes, serial no. 442, horn topped wooden ramrod. Circa 1845 - Stock number 8806 

A very fine Scottish wild fowling gun in very good condition, very good bores, retains most original faded colour on the finely engraved mounts.