Est. 1986 Owner Philip Spooner is a trusted and specialist Antique Arms and Armour dealer in the UK.

Antique Guns for Sale UK Revolvers, Duelling Pistols and Engraved Sporting Guns

Antique Guns for Sale UK Revolvers, Pistols and Sporting Guns

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Armoury, Swords and Antique Guns for Sale - contact us should an item be sold

Phillip Spooner writes: "I was first introduced to antique arms and armour by my father John Spooner who started collecting in the early 1950’s. My childhood was spent visiting antiques shops and being taught all about the famous British gunmakers such as John Twigg, Joe Manton and his brother John Manton, Wogdon, Durs Egg and his nephew Joe Egg and the Mortimer family all of whom made superb duelling pistols which were my father’s main interest. By the age of 10 I was collecting myself; first Military Medals and then edged weapons. I was intrigued by the history and craftsmanship and a lifelong interest was born. Following a spell at Christies I went into business with an antiques shop in Dorking in the mid 1980’s, soon afterwards my father opened his shop in Dorking, we combined businesses shortly afterwards and West Street Antiques became a specialist dealer in antique arms and armour."

Antique Militaria, Shooting Accessories and Model Canon

We sell antique model canon, originally made for signalling or training purposes, English Civil War Armour, including Pikeman’s armour and Cavalry Troopers Armour, polearms, pikes, and halberds. Shooting accessories such as powder flasks, bullet moulds gun cases etc along with socket bayonets  and London made knives.

Bronze Cannon: A Fine Indian Made Model of a 6-Pounder Cannon and Limber of a Pattern Used By East India Company Artillery.  32” overall, Cannon 16“ with a 8 ½” bronze barrel of tapering multi-stage form with raised mouldings and bell-shaped muzzle, with incised floral decoration,  knob-shaped cascabel, elevating screw, and plain trunnions. On original iron mounted figured field carriage with cambered spoked wheels, single trail , the limber en suite, and incorporating a towing-bar and munition chest, with iron lid.  Circa 1830 Stock number 8698

Bronze Cannon Model Antique Armoury Guns For Sale UK Naval Swords


From the collections of Keith Neal, Flintlock holster pistols. Sold to museums and regiments.

We were one of the first antique arms dealers to launch a website, way back in the 1990s and this has been a significant benefit as it has allowed us to reach a wider audience than this customers living nearby our Dorking showroom, Having said that over the years many of our online customers from many countries have been to visit and it has been delightful to meet them in person.

I buy things that I would wish to collect myself which means I look for quality, condition and historical interest. Where possible they will have provenance such as the Keith Neal Collection. 

Antique Flintlock Duelling Pistols J Barton In Original Case

I always try and have in stock cased flintlock duelling pistols by the best makers as well good single duelling pistols for sale. 

A Very Fine & Rare Cased Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Barton. 15 5/8” overall, 10” slightly swamped octagonal twist 28 bore barrels signed 'J. Barton, London' in script on the flats, struck with view mark beneath the breeches, the barrelsmith's mark 'IB', two pellets including the numeral '1' on one barrel, gold lined vents, border engraved case hardened tangs incorporating the back sights & decorated with scrolls & flowers & a band of foliage behind the breeches.

Stepped bevelled locks signed ‘Barton’, engraved with foliage on the tails, signed beneath the pans and with starbursts above, fitted with engraved bevelled cocks, gold lined semi-rainproof gull wing pans, bolt safety catches & steel springs with rollers. Highly figured walnut full stocks, flat-sided butts cut with a diamond shaped trellis design enclosing minute flowerheads, blued iron mounts comprising border engraved trigger guards decorated with a central bouquet & with pineapple finials, & a pair of ramrod-pipes, each with its original ramrod; one with Wogdon type iron powder measure &worm, the other with horn tip.

In their original fitted mahogany case, the lid  with circular escutcheon incorporating a semi-circular carrying handle, the interior lined in green baize.  The lid has a very rare John Barton trade label for 14 Haymarket, it is complete with original accessories including copper three-way flask, bullet mould, loading rod, glass oil bottle, turnscrew & mainspring clamp. Circa 1805

Pistols in very good condition, crisp engraving; case and accessories also in very good condition. Stock: 8721

BARTON John Gunmaker (formerly Wogdon & Barton) 14 Haymarket, 1803-16; 5 St. James’s St., Haymarket, 1816-19.  Howard L. Blackmore (1986) Gunmakers Of London, 1350-1850.
Pistols illustrated in Robert Wogdon by John O’Sullivan & De Witt Bailey page 191

Provenance Christie's, South Kensington 20th November 1996, lot 332 B. G. S. Coles Collection

Double Barreled Pistols and Flintlock Carriage Pistols

Flintlock carriage pistols and other double barrelled pistols Howdah and turnover types. are a particular favourite, as are Queen Anne canon barrel pistols which are still very good value as they seem to be overlooked by some collectors. 

Pocket pistols and travelling pistols often by the best makers are an inexpensive way of buying high quality antique guns

British military flintlock pistols and muskets (often know as Brown Bess muskets), have always been a mainstay of the business with their fine craftsmanship and connection to some of the most important events in history such as The American Revolution, The Peninsula War and the Battle of Waterloo. They include Heavy Dragoon Pistols, Light Dragoon Pistols, New Land Pattern pistols, Long Sea Service pistols, Long Land pattern muskets, India pattern muskets.

We sell antique percussion pepperbox and percussion revolvers. Cased London revolvers especially Adams, Webley and Tranters which when cased with all their accessories are very appealing. Cased Colt London Navy which I feel to be the most attractive of the Colts.

American Civil War revolvers including Colt Army and examples by Remington, Whitney and Manhattan.

A Fine 54-Bore Tranter Patent Fourth Model Self-Cocking Five-Shot Percussion Revolver by Rigby & Co, 12 ¾” overall,6”octagonal sighted barrel engraved around the muzzle and with scrolling foliage on each side of the breech. Border engraved top-strap with 'J.N Rigby & Co Dublin’, case-hardened cylinder with knurled forward edge, border engraved frame No 20935TT and trigger-guard each decorated with scrolling foliage, bright trigger, hammer, and scroll engraved patent rammer. Chequered rounded butt with scroll engraved case-hardened butt-cap, and virtually all its original finish. 

Antique Guns for sale UK Percussion Revolver by Rigby Co 54-Bore Tranter Patent Fourth Model Self-Cocking Five-Shot Cylinder Dublin

In its original lined and fitted mahogany case with full accessories including brass bullet mould, flask, oil bottle, Eley cap tin, tin of bullets, tin of lubricating grease, turn screw, nipple key, brass tipped and loading rod. Circa 1860.

All in very good condition, pistol 90% finish. Stock no:8688

Single and Double Barrelled Shotguns and Antique Sporting Guns

We sell antique sporting guns double barrelled shotguns, single barrelled shotguns and rifles by makers such as Purdey and Rigby

A Finest Quality Flintlock Sporting Gun by Griffin and Tow. 52” overall, 36” 16 bore two-stage octagonal to round barrel fitted with silver spider fore-sight, two gold filled maker’s stamps, one with Crown over London, the other with a Griffin. Gold vent, florally engraved, bevelled, bolted lock with hound’s tooth engraved border signed ‘Griffin & Tow’. Flat engraved swan necked cock, gold lined spoon shaped pan.  Figured walnut half stock lightly carved with foliage and finely inlaid with silver wire scrolls and engraved flower heads. Steel mounts finely engraved and chiselled with flowers and foliage, including butt plate and pierced side plate, dated escutcheon engraved with the owner’s name ‘Thos Alston Esqr 1772’ with chiselled scallop shell above. Horn tipped wooden ramrod with worm. Dated 1772 

Antique Flintlock Sporting Gun ENGRAVED For Sale UK

Thomas Alston, born in 1724 second son of Sir Rowland Alston, Baronet of Odell, Bedfordshire. Fellow Commoner at Queens 21 Apr. 1740; Succeeded his brother Rowland as Baronet in 1759; MP for Beds. 1747 - 61; Died July 18 1774; buried at Odell. He was well known for his eccentricity, spending time in an asylum and left his considerable estate to his housekeeper. Griffin & Tow 8686

English Civil War Swords - Victorian Army Officer Swords

In addition to antique firearms we also have for sale antique edged weapons. With examples of Mortuary hilted swords from the English Civil War through to Victorian officer’s swords with interesting provenance. We always have a selection of Cavalry Troopers swords, Naval swords and cutlasses, Scottish basket hilt swords and Blue and Gilt Officer’s swords and swords made by Wilkinson. 

An 1805 Pattern Midshipman’s Sword owned by Joseph William Crabb of HMS Unite. 36” overall, 32” fullered blade with traces of etched decoration including scrolling foliage and crowned GR cypher's, the back edge of the forte etched with owner's details, ‘JOSEPHPH WILLIAM CRABBE HMS UNITE’ regulation copper gilt stirrup hilt, 1827 pattern wire bound fishskin grip. Contained in its copper gilt mounted leather scabbard, the locket with raised shield escutcheon signed 'DRURY, 52 STRAND LONDON' the locket with raised shield escutcheon signed 'DRURY, 52 STRAND LONDON'.

Circa 1806. This is a historically important sword and comes with a folder of research on Joseph Crabb, including letters from the National Maritime Museum Greenwich and Wilkinson Sword; these suggest that this sword was probably modified on Crabb's request whilst he was on the Reserve list. Rather than purchasing a new sword this one has been updated with a replacement grip of the 1827 pattern. The scabbard was repaired by Wilkinsons in the 1960's. It has also been suggested that Crabb's exploits form part of the basis for the Hornblower stories.

Provenance: Joseph William Crabb (the additional 'e' at the end of his name is attributed to an over zealous engraver) entered the Royal Navy on September 4th 1801 as a Midshipman, serving on board the Royal Sovereign, the 100 gun flagship of the channel fleet of Sir Henry Harvey, under Captain Baggett. He then served under various captains, mainly in the Mediterranean. In around 1807 he found himself serving on a frigate 'The Chiffonne' under a Captain P. Campbell. The pair transferred to another frigate, The Unite, upon which Crabb served until October 1815. In 1809 he was promoted to Lieutenant, and in 1810, whilst in pursuit of an enemy vessel he received a serious wound to the groin caused by a Langridge shot, an early type of canister shot firing approximately 1in. diameter iron balls, one of which remained lodged inside him for the rest of his life. Involved in the capture of numerous French vessels whilst commanding the Unite’s own boats he served on board as the senior Lieutenant until 1815, finishing his career on the Orontes under Captain Cochrane in 1816.

1805 Pattern Midshipman’s Sword owned by Joseph William Crabb of HMS Unite

Because of Crabb's distinguished service he was placed on Reserve half pay, and in 1848 was awarded the Naval General Service Medal for actions carried out in 1811. Promoted to Commander in 1851 under the order of the Council, one of only 50 lieutenants to be honoured in this way, he remained on the Reserve list until his death in mid 1877. Stock: 8748

Looking back: 2021 Antiques Armoury Stand at Kempton Park Racecourse Exhibition

We will be exhibiting at the first Antique Arms Fair of 2021 - Sunday 2nd May at Kempton Park Racecourse 9.30am - 2.30pm. This will be an outside event and we will be found under our bright red gazebo - impossible to miss!

There is plenty of parking a catering van and access to the usual facilities. As we have had to miss out on so many fairs the organiser of Kempton has also scheduled fairs to be held there on the first Sunday of June, July, August, and September, more dates to follow for this fair, and others, will be announced as we go through the 2022 and beyond.

We are making some small adjustments to our website over the next few weeks, it will be available at all times but you may notice some tweaking of the page layouts and wording in progress.


Antiques Website Launched - Free UK shipping on all website sales

The Pandemic has caused us to look carefully at the direction of our business - we see a strong future, particularly in the online side, to this end we launched a new website in the Autumn of 2020 with improved photographs and features and we are continuing to refine it to reflect how our customers want to use it. To date it has been very well received and we are happy to collaborate with Freelance SEO Consultant Nina Payne to help with Google rankings.

In addition to our website and showroom we exhibit at antique arms fairs across the UK and increasingly also visit customers in their homes. Over the years we have sold to many private collectors as well as national and regimental museums and organisations such as English Heritage. As well as buying and selling antique arms and armour we also offer other services such as valuations for Insurance and Probate, and advising on collecting both for pleasure and investment.

The majority of our stock comes from private collections. When customers wish to reduce the size, or change the direction of their collection they turn to us to help them achieve the best price for their items.  We offer a range of options, including part exchange, purchase or selling on commission which we have been doing for over thirty years extremely successfully. The process starts with a discussion and photographs and over the years some exciting and very unusual items have come to light as well as a steady stream of high quality collectors items. One such call resulted in us advising that the caller, not previously known to us, left her home immediately and called the Bomb Squad, this she did along with the other residents of her tower block before the safe removal of several live grenades.

We enjoy much repeat custom, and customers kindly recommending us to others, we have worked hard to build our excellent reputation and standing amongst the antique dealers in the uk and look forward to many more years in this interesting trade. 

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