Est. 1986 Owner Philip Spooner is a trusted and specialist Antique Arms and Armour dealer in the UK.

How to sell guns, pistols and militaria in the UK to an antiques arms dealer

How would I sell antique guns and swords in England that have been passed down to me ?

We have been in business since 1986, as a family company we have handled thousands of antique guns, pistols, swords, edged weapons, helmets and suits of armour. Philip, the company owner has an unrivalled, deep knowledge spanning 40+ years, of flintlock pistols, duelling pistols and blunderbusses adept in identification, research and gathering provenance.

Sell Antique Flintlock Pistols, British Military Guns, Rifles, Swords - Antique Arms Dealer Surrey UK

Customers can call us on 01306 883487 or use our Contact Form and it's common to hear the same recurring question again and again "Do you buy collections of militaria? or a gun or sword that we have inherited? For many reasons you may not wish to keep these items, and West Street Antiques can help you to understand what it is that you have, its value and whether or or not it is legal to own without an appropriate licence. 

Often we can give a considerable amount of information from photographs, these can be sent by email ( or WhattsApp 07855519934, you need to make sure that include in the photos any maker's names or marks and try and include the following;

Rifles, Muskets, Pistols, Revolvers: a clear shot of the lock (firing mechanism) and as many angles as you are able.

Edged Weapons such as Swords,Rapiers  and Cutlasses: the hilt from the front and side, a shot of the entire length of the sword, both sides, and any engraving on the blade, also include photos of the scabbard it it has one.

For examples of the type of views that are useful please see similar products on our website

West Street Antiques have earned an enviable reputation for our expertise and probity and take great care to ensure, to the best of our knowledge, the accuracy of the descriptions of the items we offer for sale with regard to age, origin and condition; our terms and conditions allow customers complete peace of mind.

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Our business has been built upon the rapport established between us and our customers, over many years, both in the UK and overseas.