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How To Sell Antique Guns UK Laws. Do I need a licence? Who buys guns in England?

Learn a little about UK gun licencing information in this article. We buy guns,  militaria, swords, British arms, American Revolvers, European swords & pistols and more. We travel to appraise your collection and offer expert advice on collecting antique guns advice over the phone at 07855519934

Please contact us especially if you are thinking of selling a revolver, pistol, rifle, sporting gun, sword or any type of British Military weapon.

How To Sell Antique Guns within UK Laws - Who Buys Pistols or Rifles?

In England, there are strict laws surrounding the possession and sale of firearms. According to law, flintlock pistols & percussion guns are legal to own and possess without any licence, as long as they are antique & obsolete. All items on our website can be legally owned, displayed and sold without a licence.

Sold Pistols and Antique Guns UK

We sell direct to the public here on our website, we are a trusted brand with family business roots that go back to back to the 1980's. Based in Dorking in Surrey, we have sold thousands of firearms from all eras in our collective careers. We offer a professional service with every transaction, whether in-person or via a website sale. View all sold pistols and antique guns in our archive now.

For example if you have been left some antique guns in a will and you wish to sell them we will be able to help you identify what you have and advise on whether legal to possess or sell without a licence.

Rifle and Gun Collection Appraisals - We can travel to you or value in store. Selling FAQ in 2023:

If your great-great grandfather left you a rifle or pistol, then you'll need to check if you can own them without a licence. We cover a wide area of the UK to appraise and view collections of antique weapons, whether they are edged weapons , guns, armour, and more. For further information contact us on 01306 883487 or 07855519934

Send us a message now and we will happily discuss the buying and selling process in person.

One of our favourite maker's of Flintlock Duelling Pistols is Durs Egg, who was renowned for his craftsmanship and innovation.

 The "Egg Percussion Duelling Pistol," used percussion caps instead of the flintlock mechanism. 


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