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Flintlock Officers Pistols, British Military British Swords UK Stock 2021

Welcome to the November 2021 stock update, our next fair will be Kempton Park Racecourse on Sunday 12th December.

This month we feature: Flintlock Officers Pistols, British Military British Swords UK Stock 2021 for sale. Pattern 1857 Engineer Officers Sword by Henry Wilkinson of Pall Mall. Tatham and Egg Pistol - Brigadier Sir Denis Pack inscribed Circa 1810.

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Pair of Flintlock Officers Pistols by Hamburger & Co of London

A Fine Cased Pair of Flintlock Officers Pistols by Hamburger & Co of London. 14” overall, 8” round 12 bore barrels with Birmingham proofs on the underside, engraved on flattered top ‘London’, barrel tangs florally engraved, flat bolted lockplates border engraved ‘Hamburger & Co’, dolphin headed flat hammers.

Stock number  8823  - Price: £4,495

Chequered butts, walnut full stocks, iron furniture comprising scroll shaped trigger guards with scroll engraving and pineapple finials, plain baluster turned ramrod pipes with swivel ramrods. In their original mahogany campaign style case with brass corner and inset brass handle. With a full set of accessories including flask, bullet mould, cap tin loading rod etc. Circa 1835 Pistols with old rebrowned barrels, pistols in good condition with minor pitting on the locks, case and accessories in good condition.

Percussion Officers Pistols by Hamburger & Co of London, Fine Cased Pair

Eliott Flintlock Carbine, 10th Light Dragoons 1799

A Rare Pattern 1799 Eliott Flintlock Carbine. 10th Light Dragoons. 43 ½” overall, 28” round carbine bore barrel with Government proofs at the breech. India pattern carbine lock with border engraving. Crown ‘GR’ and inspector’s mark and ‘Tower’ across the tail. Border engraved swan neck cock with storekeeper’s marks and board of ordinance marks in the butt.


Regulation brass mounts, butt plate tang engraved ‘E/45 10th LD’, sporting gun sideplate, sling bar swivel and ramrod with a swell. Original 13” socket bayonet by Osbourn.

Circa 1800. In very good condition. Stock number 8855   Price: £4,495

Over and Under Flintlock Officers Pistol with Shoulder Stock by Tatham and Egg

A Very Rare Cased Over and Under Flintlock Officers Pistol with Shoulder Stock by Tatham and Egg inscribed to Brigadier Sir Denis Pack.

Pistol 13 ¾” overall, 8” 18 bore twist octagonal barrels, the upper rifled with eight grooves, fitted on the right hand side with sliding bayonet and on the left with iron ramrod with pineapple chequered finial. The breeches with platinum lines and platinum lined barrelsmith’s stamp, the lower breech rounded, engraved breech tang decorated with border ornament and a Britannia trophy, stepped locks signed ‘Tatham & Egg’  engraved with bouquets on the tails, fitted with 'French' cocks, semi-rainproof pans and bolt safeties. The steel springs with roller, chequered angular butt with shoulder stock escutcheon. The pommel encircled by an engraved iron band, inlaid with a central oval inscribed 'Tatham & Egg Improvement 1009', engraved spurred trigger guard, silver escutcheon engraved 'Denis Pack'  complete with skeleton shoulder stock engraved 'Tatham & Egg, London' on the top and with spring catch operated by a lever beneath. In its original mahogany case lined in green baize, with later ‘D. Egg’ label in the lid, with brass escutcheon on the outside engraved 'Brigadier Denis Pack', and complete with original bullet mould, powder flask, priming flask and loading rod. Circa 1810.

Fine pistols in good condition. Sold with a print of Dennis Pack and a print of Wellington with his staff. EX the David Jeffcoat Collection (1945-2020)

Over and Under Flintlock Officers Pistol with Shoulder Stock by Tatham and Egg inscribed to Brigadier Sir Denis Pack, cased, very rare.

Sir Denis Pack (c. 1772-1823) was appointed Cornet in the 14th Light Dragoons on 30 November 1791 and he served with a squadron that formed the advance guard of Lord Moira's force in Flanders in 1794. Pack volunteered to carry an important dispatch into Nieuwpoort and had great difficulty in escaping when the French invested it. Later he was engaged at Boxtel and in the winter retreat to Bremen. Following that retreat the 14th squadron was transferred to the 8th Light Dragoons after being attached to it. When Pack came home he obtained his Lieutenancy in the 14th on 12 March 1795. He commanded a small party of Dragoons in the Quiberon expedition, and in this period did duty for some months as a field officer on Isle Dieu. He received his troop in the 5th Dragoon Guards on 27 February 1796, and while serving with them in Ireland in 1798 he led a patrol near Prosperous against a party of rebels, they lost twenty men and eight horses. Pack commanded the escort which conducted General Humbert and other French officers to Dublin after their surrender at Ballinamuck. On 25 August 1798 he was promoted Major in the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards and on 6 December 1800 he was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel in the 71st Highlanders. He commanded the 71st at the recapture of the Cape of Good Hope in 1806 where he was wounded at the landing in Lospard's Bay. During the ill fated operation in South America in 1806-7 he was taken prisoner but he managed to escape. He then commanded the Light Troops of the army in two successful actions against the enemy and in Whitelocke's disastrous attack on Buenos Aires in which he received three wounds. In 1808 the 71st was ordered to Portugal, and he commanded it at the battles of Roliça and Vimeiro. He marched with Sir John Moore's army into Spain and in the retreat to Corunna. After returning to England he took part in the Walcheren expedition in 1809 in which he bravely stormed one of the enemy's batteries during the siege of Flushing. He became Aide-de-Camp to the King with the rank of Colonel on 25 July 1810. He was then appointed with local rank to a Portuguese brigade under Marshal Beresford and commanded it at Busaco in 1810, and in front of Almeida in May 1811. When the French garrison escaped Pack pursued them to Barba del Puerco, and upon orders of Sir Brent Spencer blew up the defences of Almeida. At the capture of Ciudad Rodrigo, Pack, who had been appointed a British Brigadier- General, led his Portuguese brigade to make a feint attack on the outwork of the Santiago gate which was converted into a real attack.

Pack distinguished himself at the battle of Salamanca and was honourably mentioned for his services in the operations against Burgos. He became a Major-General on 4 June 1813 and was present with his brigade at Vitoria. Wellington placed him in temporary command of the 6th division in the Pyrenées, and he was wounded again at Soraven. He commanded a division at the battles of Nivelle, the Nive, Orthez, and Toulouse where he received yet another wound and was honourably mentioned. For his Peninsular services, in which he was eight times wounded, he received the Peninsular Gold Cross and seven clasps. He was offered a brigade in the expedition to America but instead was appointed to command at Ramsgate. He was made KCB on 2 January 1815.

In June 1815 Pack commanded a brigade of Picton's division at Quatre-Bras and Waterloo, where he was again wounded. That was his last foreign service. He married, on 10 July 1816, Lady Elizabeth Louisa Beresford (d. Jan 1856), fourth daughter of the second earl of Waterford, and sister of the first marquess. Pack held the orders of the Tower and Sword in Portugal, Maria Theresa in Austria, and St Vladimir in Russia. He was appointed colonel of the York chasseurs in 1816, Lieutenant-Governor of Plymouth on 12 August 1819, and colonel of the 84th Foot on 9 September 1822. Pack died at Lord Beresford's house in Upper Wimpole Street, London, on 24 July 1823. In 1828 his widow erected a monument to him, surmounted by a marble bust by Chantrey, in the cathedral church of St Canice, Kilkenny, of which his father had been Dean. (Taken from the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, accessed 29th March 2021.)

Read more on the listing and to buy online - Stock number 8788 - Price: £19,995


Over and Under Turnover Percussion Pocket Pistol by J Lang

A Fine Pair of Over and Under Turnover Percussion Pocket Pistols by J Lang. 6 ¼” overall, 1 ½” 80 bore turn off barrels. The muzzles engraved & slotted for barrel keys. The boxlock action with deep scroll engraving, signed on one side of each frame ‘J Lang, 22 Cockspur St., London’,  border engraved part octagonal breeches engraved with a foliate scroll on each side flat, border engraved actions decorated with scrolling foliage and each signed in full on a scroll on one side, engraved dolphin hammers and thumb piece safety catches, folding triggers each within a foliate border. Chequered figured rounded butts each with border engraved ovoidal butt cap with hinged circular butt trap cover decorated with a flower head, and vacant silver escutcheons. Circa 1855
Very attractive pistols with much finish remaining.

Joseph Lang Gunmaker (opened as Gun & Pistol Repository from Wilson’s Warehouse, Vigo Lane) 7 Haymarket, 1825-52 (Shooting Gallery adjoining from 1827) 22 Cockspur St., Charing Cross, 1853-74. Became Joseph Lang & Sons, eventually amalgamating with Stephen Grant, exhibited 4 and 6 barrel revolvers, Great Exhibition, 1851. Popularised the pin-fire breechloader. Died 1869.

Stock number   X1993 - Price: £2,995

Over and Under Turnover Percussion Pocket Pistols by J Lang, fine pair


Flintlock Target Rifle by Fenton of London

A Mint, Fine & Rare Flintlock Target Rifle by Fenton of London. 46” overall, 30” 18 bore heavy octagonal barrel with 10 groove rifling, windage adjustable fore sight. Signed ‘R. Fenton London’ on flat. Breech with platinum line and deeply engraved. Stock mounted with an adjustable orthoptic sight. The finely made bolted lock with push on safety, French cock, fully waterproof pan, roller bearing frizzen, with platinum touch hole. Steel scroll trigger guard with pineapple finial. Figured walnut stock with patch box engraved with a coat of arms and initials ‘JG’, finely chequered at wrist.  Silver barrel key  escutcheons and fore-end cap. Two sling swivels and brass tipped ramrod. Circa 1810

A rifle of the highest possible quality made by London’s best rifle maker, in mint condition. Richard Fenton is recorded at 19 Shoemaker Row, Blackfriars from 1792 to 1815. In 1808 he devised improved rifle sights incorporating a platinum strip. He was a member of the Duke of Cumberland Sharpshooters who won a gold medal in 1810.
Stock number 8818 - Price: £11,450

Flintlock Target Rifle by Fenton of London, Mint, Fine & Rare

Lefaucheux Pinfire 9mm Revolver

A Mint Cased Lefaucheux Pinfire 9mm Revolver Retailed by J. H. Crane. 9” overall, 3 ½” octagonal 9mm bore barrel, adjustable blade foresight engraved ‘J. H. Crane 3 Royal Exchange London’ on the top strap. Stock number 8838 - Price: £1,495

Lefaucheux Pinfire 9mm Revolver Retailed by J. H. Crane

6 shot cylinder with ejector and loading gate to the right hand side, spur hammer, London and Liege proofs to the left hand side of the barrel and on the cylinder, also marked with a crown over AF; ’AUGUSTE FRANCOTTE’. “E Lefaucheux INvr Brevete’ engraved on left of barrel. Two piece walnut grips with lanyard ring. In its original oak case with screwed lid,  with oil bottle, cleaning rod, turnscrew, dummy pinfire rounds  and ‘J.H. Crane, 3 Royal Exchange, London’ trade label. Circa 1865-70. The pistol is in near mint condition.

Pattern Flintlock Sea Service Pistol ‘HMS Caesar’

 A 1777 Pattern Flintlock Sea Service Pistol. 19 ¼” overall, 12” barrel with ordnance proofs engraved ‘HMS Caesar’. Flat 1777 lock engraved ‘Tower’ & crown over ‘GR’ with inspector’s stamp. Walnut full stock with storekeeper’s mark. Regulation brass furniture. Iron belt hook, brass tipped ramrod.
Circa 1790.
In good condition, the engraving of HMS Caesar looks to be original, but it is uncommon to find pistols named to ships so one should always be sceptical, priced accordingly.

Pattern Flintlock Sea Service Pistol
HMS Caesar took part in the Battle of Cape Ortegal was the final action of the Trafalgar campaign and was fought between a squadron of the British Royal Navy and a remnant of the French fleet that had mostly been destroyed only two weeks earlier at the Battle of Trafalgar. It took place on 4 November 1805 off Cape Ortegal in north-west Spain and saw a squadron under Captain Sir Richard Strachan in HMS Caesar defeat and capture a French squadron under Rear-Admiral Pierre Dumanoir Le Pelley.     
Stock number 8856 - Price: £2,995

British London Officers Blue Cloth Helmet

The East Kent Regiment (The Buffs) Officers Blue Cloth Helmet, complete with all gilt metal fittings, frontal crowned plate with laurel and Garter overlays, in the centre on a ground of black velvet is a Dragon, a silver scroll at the top of the laurels embossed with ‘The Buffs’ and similar at the base ‘The East Kent Regiment’. Complete with original leather sweat band, the plate is original to the helmet made and retailed by Hawkes &Co. In a helmet tin and with a Sam Browne Belt. Circa 1902-14
The helmet in very good condition with no moth damage, gilt in mellowed unpolished condition. Stock number 8849 Price: £795

British London Officers Blue Cloth Helmet

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