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Double Barrel Shotgun 1800s Percussion Pocket Pistols Antique Guns for Sale UK

Double Barrel Shotgun 1800s Percussion Pocket Pistols - December 2021 Antique Guns for Sale

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Cased Double Barrel 14 Bore Shotgun

Double Barrel Shotgun 1800s Percussion Pocket Pistols Antique Guns for Sale UK

A Cased Double Barrel 14 Bore Shotgun by Westley Richards. 45 ½" overall, 30" barrel numbered ‘1276’ on breach plugs. Flat lock engraved 'Westley Richards’ with scrolls, flat dolphin headed hammers. Steel engraved trigger guard engraved with game birds. Contained in its original green baize lined mahogany case with brass corners and lifting handle and Westley Richards trade label, with accessories including cleaning rods, shot bag, oil bottle and cap tin.
Circa 1845
The gun is in very good condition with an old refinish, bores very good, actions crisp. A very practical muzzle loading shot gun. The case very good with most accessories.
Stock number 8859 - £1,695

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Blue and Gilt Sword - French Origin 1700's

A Fine French Steel Small Sword with Blue & Gilt Blade. 40” overall, 33” curved triangular section etched blade with gilt miniature fleur-de-lys against a blued ground almost to the tip, faceted dish shaped steel hilt with silver wire and gilt ribbon bound grip with Turks' heads. In its steel mounted leather scabbard. Weight 300g.

Blue and Gilt Sword - French
Circa 1770. Very pretty sword in good condition.   
Stock number 8885 - £995

Pair of Percussion Pocket Pistols

A Fine & Attractive Cased Pair of Percussion Pocket Pistols.

5 ½” overall, 1 ½” turn-off barrels, with Liege proofs. The boxlock actions finely engraved with scrolls & vases. Dolphin hammers, folding triggers. Dark horn butts. In their close fitted mahogany brass cornered case with accessories including barrel key, bag shaped flask, bullet mould, horn cap box and some bullets.
Circa 1840.
Whole set in very good condition.
Stock number 8852 - £1,895

Heavy Cavalry Sword - Celtic - Prosser

Celtic Hilt Presentation Heavy Cavalry Sword British Military

A Rare Celtic Hilt Presentation Heavy Cavalry Sword. 40 ½” overall, 35” wide straight blade with a spear point and wide fuller. Etched to one side with ‘Prize Sword Won in the Dacorum Troop of Yeomanry 1833’ and at the forte “Prosser maker to the king and Royal Family Charing Cross” and on the obverse ‘Prosser maker to the King and Royal Family London’ and  ‘WR IV’ under a Crown with crossed lances. Celtic hilt formed of S & C scrolls, stepped pommel and wire bound fish skin grip. In its black painted iron scabbard with two suspension rings.
Dated 1833.

A possibly unique sword conforms in size and style to the 1796 Heavy Cavalry Troopers sword with variation of Prosser’s Celtic hilt of 1815-20.
Sword in very good condition, some small staining to the blade, scabbard has most of its original black paint.
John Prosser Sword Cutler & Beltmaker to George III, 1795; George IV, 1827. Registered silversmith’s mark 1796. Sword Cutler & Gunmaker, 9 Charing Cross, 1796-1853; 37 Charing Cross 1854-60.
Dacorum Troop of the South Hertfordshire Yeomanry Cavalry formed 16 February 1831.
See The British Cavalry Sword 1788-1912 Chapter 11 by R Deller for more on the Celtic hilt and Prosser.  
Stock number 8870 - £2,995

Flintlock Light Dragoon Pistol - Rare Shoulder Stock

A Rare Flintlock Light Dragoon Pistol Cut for Shoulder Stock. 15” overall, 9” round barrel with King's proof to breech, barrel tang with inspector’s mark, flat border line engraved lockplate stamped Tower across the tail, GR cipher & inspector's stamp, flat ring neck cock also border line engraved. Walnut full stock with regulation brass furniture, cut for a shoulder stock, single ramrod pipe and brass tipped ramrod. Circa 1800

Flintlock Light Dragoon Pistol Shoulder Stock

Very rare pistol in used condition, few examples of these pistols, cut for a shoulder stock survive.
Minor repairs to stock, main spring a little soft.   
Stock number 8881 - £1,695

English Mortuary Hilted Backsword - British Military Sword

A Good English Mortuary Hilted Backsword. 39” overall, 32” single edged tapering blade with single fuller, last 12” sharpened on back edge. Struck with running wolf mark. The hilt is of typical form consisting of a broad saucer shaped guard plate from which two main guard bars extend upwards with the flattened terminals screwed into the pear shaped pommel. The spaces between these bars are infilled with subsidiary bars. The guard plate is covered with chiselled decoration to the outside consisting of panels of foliage plus four busts. Wooden grip, wire lacking.
Blade circa 1610 as dated by Wallace Collection, hilt Circa 1640.
See Cyril Mazansky, British Basket Hilted Swords, pages 233 to 280.and Stuart C Mowbray, “British Military Swords” page 178 to 226. 

English Mortuary Hilted Backsword - British Military Sword                 
Stock number 8848 - £2,495