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Nock 18 Bore Sporting Gun London - April 2023 New Stock


A Fine Pair of Flintlock Catalan Miquelet Pistols by Antonio Rovira of Igualada. 16” overall, 9 1/4” sighted barrel swamped at the muzzle, octagonal breech section with the barrelmaker's gold lined stamp ‘CAMS’, enclosed by seven silver wheatsheaf stamps, engraved barrel tang, Patilla lock fitted with engraved bevelled bridles, the inner face of the top jaw incised in the Ripoll fashion, the shaped lockplate struck with maker's stamp. Carved moulded figured walnut full stock decorated with engraved gilt brass mounts about the barrel tang and ramrod pipe, and side plate, fluted fore-end. Gilt brass long spurred butt cap with Neptune mask, florally engraved trigger guard. Steel belt hooks, original baluster bone tipped ramrods.

Circa 1760  

Pistols in very good condition                                               

Antonio Rovira (Ruira), recorded working in Igualda, gunmaker to King Fernando VI, and related to the earlier Rovira of Ripoll. The barrelmaker is a member of the Camps family, the stamp on these pistols is attributed to Manuel, of Barcelona.

See ‘Spanish Guns and Pistols’ by W.K.Neal page 98 for Makers stamps and ‘The Price Guide to Antique Guns & Pistols’ by Peter Hawkins page 23 for similar pistols by the same makers.

Stock number X2071                                                 £10,995

A Collection of fine Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) Officers' Swords
Cutlass Swords Edged Weapons War Military UK Arms Dealer

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An 1870 Pattern HAC Officer's Sword
Stock number  X2064                                       £795
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A Royal Artillery Pattern HAC Officers Sword
Stock number  X2069                                      £695
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An 1870 Pattern HAC Officers Sword
Stock number  X2066                                      £745
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An 1854 Pattern HAC Officers Sword
Stock number  X2067                                     £745
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An 1870 Pattern HAC Officers Sword
Stock number  X2065                                      £695
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Antique Sporting Gun for Sale War Military UK Arms Dealer Sell My Rifles Pistols

A Very Fine Double Barrelled Flintlock 18 Bore Sporting Gun by  Nock. 41 ½” overall, 31 ½” barrels with bead foresight, patent breeches  with two gold lines singed ‘Nock London’ with Birmingham post 1813 proofs and stamped ‘Twisted’ on the underside. Florally engraved tang, flat bevelled lockplates engraved with wheat ears and floral scrolls signed ‘Nock’. French cocks, fully waterproof pans, roller on frizzen spring. Engraved steel mounts comprising scroll trigger guard with pineapple finial engraved with game birds on bow, ramrod pipe engraved with a pineapple and steel butt plate engraved en suite. Finely figured walnut stock, chequered at wrist. Original ebony, brass tipped ramrod.

Circa 1815                                                                  

A very fine gun in good condition, very good bores. 


Stock number  9044                                                           £4,995

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Antique Sporting Gun for Sale War Military UK Arms Dealer Sell My Rifles Pistols

A Fine Pair of Flintlock Queen Anne Cannon Barrel Holster Pistols by James Barbar. 11” overall, 4 ½” turn off 22 bore two stage cannon barrels, reinforcing ring at muzzles, engraved ‘London’ on the barrel top, marked 1 & 2 with ‘J.B.’ markers stamp & London Proofs. Engraved under the frizzen spring 'Barbar’. L shaped frizzen spring, a band of foliage behind, waisted border engraved tangs each decorated with foliage. Border engraved actions, cocks & steels, D-shaped trigger guard, decorated with a flower head on the border engraved bow. Swelling figured butts each carved in low relief with a shell behind the barrel tang, cast and chased mounts comprising pierced foliate side plates with dragon escutcheons with a foliate border, & grotesque mask caps.

Circa 1745                                                                         

Very good condition  

James Barbar, Son of Lewis apprentice to father, 1714; free of Gunmakers Co. and proof piece passed, 1722. Elected Assistant, 1737. Master, 1742. Appointed Gentleman Armourer to George II, 1741. Furbisher at Hampton Court, resigned, 1767. Gunmaker, Portugal St., 1726-67; Dover St., 1739-67. Died 1773.  

Stock number  9042                                                              £4,445

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Cutlass Sword for Sale Antique British War Military UK Arms Dealer Sell My Rifles Pistols

A Fine Italian Cup Hilt Rapier. 54” overall, 45” tapering blade of flattened diamond section, stamped with a running Wolf mark inlayed with latern within a short fuller on each side. Steel hilt comprising deep cup guard formed as a flower with ten lobed petals each formed of a finely pierced plate, a pair of straight quillons with bud shaped finials, knuckle-guard with recurved finial en suite with the quillons, joined to the cup guard by an additional arm. Fluted ovoid pommel and wooden grip with original twisted steel wire reinforced with iron straps & steel bands.

Circa 1630                                                                     

A fine sword in very good condition. 

Stock number  9028                                                         £4,250

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Wallace Hull Pocket Pistols for Sale UK Arms Dealer

A Fine Pair of Flintlock Pocket Pistols by Wallis of Hull. 6 ½” overall, 1 5/8”  40 bore turn-off barrels decorated with a band of foliage at the muzzle, engraved rounded actions, struck with Private  Birmingham proofs at the breech, signed ‘Wallis’ to one side and ‘Hull’ to the other, the action finely decorated within panels depicting stands of arms, ring neck cock, sliding safety catch that also locks the raised pan, folding triggers, chequered walnut butt with silver engraved cap.

Hall marked 1807

Very high quality pistols in good condition, actions very crisp.                                

George Wallis was one of the very best provincial gunmakers, shop in Mytongate Hull circa 1775 to 1803 when the business was carried on by his sons George and John. John died in 1811, the shop continued till about 1840.

George Wallis, "Celebrated Antiquary & Gunsmith", established a museum at his Mytongate premises by 1794. Wallis is also well known for the work he carried out for William Constable of Burton Constable Hall.

See 'Wallis of Hull', J.A.A.S, vol. IX, no. 4 (December 1978), pp. 133-181, pl. XLVI

Stock number  X2075                                                 £2,995

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A French Percussion Officers Pistol Model 1833.14  8" octagonal barrel rifled  48 grooveslock engraved 'Manu Imp. Chatllerault, J. Michel'

A French Percussion Officers Pistol, Model 1833.14 ½" overall, 8" octagonal barrel rifled with 48 grooves. With back action lock engraved 'Manu Imp. Chatllerault, J. Michel'
Dolphin headed  cock, spurred trigger guard, butt containing oiler with lanyard ring, chequered walnut half stock with brass tipped ramrod.

Dated 1833

Condition very good, retaining most original finish.

Stock number  X2063                                                       £1,145

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