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Georgian General Officers Sword by Jeffrey & Jones

A Very Rare Georgian General Officers Sword. 39” overall, 32” flattened diamond section blade decorated with scrolling foliage and stands of arms. Regulation copper gilt hilt with D-shaped knuckle guard, urn shaped pommel, wire bound wooden grip. Contained in its original copper gilt mounted leather scabbard, the upper mount with maker's panel for Jeffrey & Jones.
Grip wire loose, chape lacking, scabbard dried and a poor fit.    

Georgian General Officers Sword                                     
Jeffreys and Jones Cockspur Street 1778 to 1794
The sword of General Lord Hutchinson of Alexandria who was provisionally second in command of the Egyptian Expedition of 1801 before Commanding it after the death of Abercromby at the Battle of Alexandria.
Provenance From Weston Hall: A Portrait of John Hely-Hutchinson, first Baron Hutchinson and second Earl of Donoughmore by Thomas Phillips is in the Royal Collection in which he is wearing this sword.
General John Hely-Hutchinson, 2nd Earl of Donoughmore, GCB KC (15 May 1757 – 29 June 1832) was an Anglo-irish politician, hereditary peer & soldier, the son of John Hely-Hutchinson and the Baroness Donoughmore. In 1801 he was created Baron Hutchinson in the Peerage of the United Kingdom (gaining a seat in the House of Lords) and later succeeded to all his brother Richard's titles. He was educated at Eton College, Magdalen College, Oxford & Trinity College, Dublin. He died 29 June 1832, never having married.
He entered the Army as a Cornet in the 18th Dragoos in 1774, rising to a lieutenant the next year. In 1776 he was promoted to become a captain in the 67th regiment of Foot, and a major there in 1781. He moved regiments again in 1783, becoming a lieutenant-colonel in, and colonel-commandant of, the 77th Regiment of Foot, which was, however, disbanded shortly afterwards following an earlier mutiny. He spent the next 11 years on half-pay, studying military tactics in France before serving as a volunteer in the Flanders campaigns of 1793 as aide-de-camp to Sir Ralph Abercromby.
In March 1794 he obtained  brevet promotion to colonel and the colonelcy of the old 94th Regiment of Foot and then became a major-general in May 1796, serving in Ireland during the Irish rebellion of 1798, where he was second-in-command at the Battle of Castlebar under General Lake. In 1799, he was in the expedition to the Netherlands.
Hely-Hutchinson was second-in-command of the 1801 expedition to Egypt, under Abercromby. Following Abercromby's death in March after being wounded at the Battle of Alexandria, Hely-Hutchinson took command of the force. From then he was able to besiege the French firstly at Cairo which capitulated in June and then besieged and took Alexandria culminating in the capitulation of over 22,000 French soldiers. In reward for his successes there, the Ottoman Sultan Selim III made him a Knight, 1st Class, of the order of the Crescent.
In recognition of his "eminent services" during the "late glorious and successful campaign in Egypt", at the request of the King, the United Kingdom Parliament settled on Lord Hutchinson and the next two succeeding heirs male of his body an annuity of £2000 per annum, paid out of the Consolidated Fund. He was promoted lieutenant-general in September 1803, and made Governor of Stirling Castle. In March 1802 he was made Colonel in Chief of the 74th (Highland) Regiment of Foot.

Jeffreys Jones General Lord Hutchinson of Alexandria Georgian General Officers Sword
He was made a full general in June 1813. In 1806, he became Colonel in Chief of the 67th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot, transferring in 1811 to be Colonel in Chief of the 18th Regiment of Foot, a position he held until his death in 1832. He also held the position of Governor of Stirling Castle from 1806 until his death
Hely-Hutchinson sat as a Member of Parliament (MP) for Lanesborough from 1776 to 1783 and for  Taghmon from 1789 to 1790. Subsequently, he represented Cork City in the Irish House of Commons until the Act of Union in 1801 and was then MP for Cork City in the after-Union UK Parliament until 1802. £1,250

Household Cavalry Troopers Sword

1888 Pattern Household Cavalry Troopers Sword. 43”

An 1888 Pattern Household Cavalry Troopers Sword. 43” overall, 37” fullered blade with various Ordnance stamps and dates, ‘1891’ at the forte, regulation HC pierced steel hilt, stamped ‘Mole’ twice, domed pommel, German silver wire bound fish skin grip. Contained in its steel scabbard complete with white leather sword knot. Dated 1891

Sword and scabbard in good condition. £1,495

Flintlock Blunderbuss by Andreas Dolep

Flintlock Blunderbuss by Andreas Dolep

A Fine Flintlock Blunderbuss by Andreas Dolep. 28 ½” overall. 13 ¾” heavy belled three staged brass barrel with raised rib to breech, engraved ‘Dolep’, London proof marks, octagonal breech section turning to short round second section with engraved bands, third section tapering to belled muzzle. Banana shaped lock plate engraved ‘Dolep’, swan necked cock and unbridled frizzen. Walnut full stock artificially striped, brass furniture comprising butt plate, trigger guard foliate engraved, escutcheon and single ramrod pipe, possibly original ramrod. Circa 1700. In good condition. £3995

Andreas Rheinhold Dolep (1648-1713), 'Dutchman', was one of the most important London gunmakers of the late 17th and early 18th centuries. In 1681 he worked for Sir Philip Howard, Commander of the Queen's Troop of Horseguards, and was fined in 1686 for unproved guns but made free of the Gunmakers' Company by redemption in the same year at the request of Lord Dartmouth. He was granted denization in 1691 and married in 1687. He died in 1713. Dolep made fine and ingenious firearms, many of them multi-shot. For a description of further examples of his work see W. Keith Neal and D.H.L. Back, Great British Gunmakers 1540-1740

Cased Colt London Navy Revolver

Cased Colt London Navy Revolver

A Very Fine Cased Colt London Navy Revolver Numbered 175. 13 ½” overall, 7 ½" octagonal barrel with bead foresight & address 'Col Colt London' between arrows (broken N in London), London proof marks, naval cylinder scene with London proofs, frame stamped on left hand side 'Colts patent'. Small Silver plated trigger guard & backstrap, all parts numbered 175 including wedge. Varnished walnut grips. In its original oak dark blue velvet lined London case with front hooks. Containing a large Dixon Patent powder flask, oil bottle, Colts patent brass bullet mould, turnscrew & Eley for Colt cap tin. 175 for 1851        
A very low numbered London Colt made in the first month of production.

Pistol in very good condition, crisp action, good cylinder all silver plate to trigger guard and back strap, most original finish. Walnut grips fine. Case in very good condition. £12,495

Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Durs Egg

Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Durs Egg

A Fine Flintlock Duelling Pistol by Durs Egg. 15 ½” overall, 10” octagonal twist 34 bore sighted barrel with ‘D.EGG LONDON’ in gold on the top flat, London proofs on the underside, silver fore sight, adjustable rear sight on breach, gold lined touch hole, shaped tang engraved with a martial trophy, signed ‘D.Egg’. Engraved flat bevelled locks with safety catch, set trigger, semi-rainproof pan, roller on frizzen spring. Figured walnut half stock, the butt with fine chequering, engraved steel mounts including large trigger guard with spur decorated with a martial trophy, butt cap, ramrod pipe, fore-end cap and steel cross hatched ramrod. Circa 1800.

Very Good condition

Durs Egg Son of Leonz Egg, gunmaker, Switzerland. Born 1748, baptised Urs Christian. After a short stay in Paris came to London and worked for John Twigg 1772. Granted denization in 1791. Gunmaker & Sword Cutler. Became gunmaker to George IV & Duke of York.  £3,995

Georgian Naval Officers Attack Hilted Fighting Sword

Georgian Naval Officers Attack Hilted Fighting Sword

A Rare Georgian Naval Officers Attack Hilted Fighting Sword. 35” overall, 30” broad sword blade signed ‘J.J. Runkel Solingen’ in both fullers. Copper gilt hilt with triform D-shaped folding knuckle guard, lion's head pommel, wire bound grip. Contained in its copper gilt mounted leather scabbard. Circa 1800

Very rare sword in very good condition, scabbard leather replaced. £3,495             See Sim Comforts Naval Swords and Dirks page for similar Vol .1 page 102

Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols Wogdon Barton

A Fine Cased Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Wogdon & Barton. 15 ½” overall, 10” slightly swamped octagonal twist 28 bore barrels signed 'Wogdon & Barton London' in script on the top flats, struck with view mark beneath the breeches, the barrelsmith's mark 'RW', gold lined vents, border engraved case hardened tangs incorporating the back sights & decorated with scrolls & flowers & a band of foliage behind the breeches. Stepped bevelled locks signed ‘Wogdon & Barton’, fitted with bevelled cocks, spoon shaped pans, bolt safety catches. Figured walnut full stocks, flat sided butts, blued iron mounts comprising steel domed engraved butt caps, border engraved trigger guards decorated with a central bouquet & with pineapple finials, a pair of ramrod pipes each with its original horn tipped ramrods, one with a worm. In their original fitted oak green baize line caddy topped case, the lid inset folding carrying handle, complete with original accessories including copper three way flask, bullet mould, loading rod and wad cutter.

Circa 1795-1800

Best quality pistols in very good condition, most original finish.
Robert Wogdon was apprenticed to Edward Newton of Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1748. He is recorded as 'Gunmaker, at Mr. Maw's Haberdasher, Cockspur St., Charing Cross' in 1764. He carried on his business in Haymarket from 1774 until his retirement in 1802. From 1795 he was in partnership with John Barton who carried on the business following Wogdon's retirement.
See John O'Sullivan & De Witt Bailey, Robert Wogdon & Barton, John Barton, London Gunmakers 1764-1819, 2019,  Pages 183-5 Price: £18,995

Volunteer India Pattern Flintlock Musket


A Volunteer India Pattern Flintlock Musket by W & J Rigby. 55” overall, 39” barrel stamped ‘Dublin’ with Birmingham proofs to rear. Border engraved lock plate, engraved ‘Dublin’ on the tail and ‘W&J Rigby’ with WSF inspector’s ? mark under the pan, ring neck cock, standard India pattern brass furniture comprising butt plate, trigger guard with acorn finial side plate and 3 ramrod pipes, fore-end cap, iron ramrod. Circa 1825
Good condition. Probably part of a large order of longarms and pistols thought to have been issued to government servants, such as police and customs officers. See D.H.L. Back, “Messrs Rigby 1760-1869”, 1992, p. 29

Pair of Superimposed Load Tap Action Flintlock Pistols

Superimposed Load Tap Action Flintlock Pistols

A Very Rare Pair of Superimposed Load Tap Action Flintlock Pistols, by Nicholson. 8” overall, 3 ¼” 48 bore turn off 2 section barrels with engraved muzzles, the breeches numbered ‘1’ and ‘2’, and with London proofs, boxlock actions with tap, engraved ‘Nicholson Corn Hill London’, ring necked cocks, top sliding safety, florally engraved trigger guards and plain flat sided walnut butts. In a later green baize lined fitted rosewood case with folding brass carrying handle, containing a small copper powder flask by Sykes and a replacement steel combination muzzle/barrel key. Circa 1790.
In good condition

Superimposed pistols are very uncommon, I have never seen one like this.     
William Nicholson - Free of Gunmakers Co. by redemption 1780. Took Livery 1788. Elected Assistant 1790; Master 1793. Gunmaker at 17 Houndsditch 1779-86; 45 Cornhill, 1786-94. Contractor to East India Co. 1779-94.
See.  ‘Superimposed Load Firearms 1360-1860’ by D. R. Baxter and ‘Superimposed-Load Flintlock Pistols: Three Examples of 18th Century Technology’ By Matthew Schneiderman and John Burgoyne Arms Heritage Magazine, Volume 7 #4 (August 2017), pages 21-25. Price: £4,250

Pair of Percussion Duelling Pistols by Tatham & Egg

A Fine Cased Pair of Percussion Duelling Pistols by Tatham & Egg. 16” overall, 10” 32 bore octagonal barrels with blade fore sights signed in a gold tablet ‘Tatham & Egg’, gold line at breech rear sight on engraved tang, finely made drum & nipple. Case hardened wheat ear border engraved flat detented locks, signed ‘Tatham & Egg’, flat dolphin hammers, safety catches removed and slots filled. Highly figured half stocks each with steel engraved fore end cap and chequered butt with flat bottom and a silver Greek key engraved band and oval steel plate engraved ‘Tatham & Eggs Improvement No. 814’. Blued steel spurred D-shaped trigger guards each decorated with scrolling trophies of the arts on the border engraved bow. Forward of trigger guards oval escutcheon engraved with owners crest of a standing pheasant, silver barrel bolt escutcheons, set triggers, original ebony horn tipped ramrods both with worms.

In its original relined mahogany case with some accessories including brass three way powder flask, capping tool, bullet mould, oil bottle and loading rod, the exterior of the lid with  folding handle engraved with owners crest.
Circa 1810, converted circa 1830.

Pair of Percussion Duelling Pistols by Tatham & Egg

Best quality pistols in good condition, barrels with old refinish, some original finish to trigger guards. Well executed drum and nipple conversion from flintlock. Case relined and slightly warped.
Joseph, son of Johann Jakob Egg (brother of Durs Egg) gunmaker, Huningue, Alsace, born 1775 (baptised as Jean Joseph). Gunmaker, Great Windmill Street, granted English Patent No. 2440 (Bending steel with heat) 1800. Traded as Egg & Walker, Gunmaker & Patent Spring Truss Maker, 59 Firth St., Soho, 1801. In partnership with Henry Tatham, as Tatham & Egg, 1801-14. Gunmaker, 1 Piccadilly (Corner of Piccadilly and Haymarket) 1814-1834; 28 Titchborne Street., 1832-4. Member, St. James Loyal Volunteers, 1808. £9,495

Double Barrelled Percussion Howdah Pistol by Charles Jones

A Very Fine Double Barrelled Percussion Howdah Pistol by Charles Jones. 11 ½ ” overall with 6” 36 bore Damascus barrels, bead fore sight, Birmingham Proofs on underside. Engraved ‘Charles Jones 26 St James’s Street London Pistol Maker to Prince Albert ’ on rib. Tang with deep scroll engraving. Flat scroll engraved lock plate singed ‘Charles Jones’, flat hammers with scroll engraving. Walnut full stock chequered at wrist, silver escutcheon with owners crest and initials ‘E.C.’, engraved butt cap with sprung trap, scroll engraved trigger guard with pineapple finial, and brass tipped ebony ramrod. In its original mahogany case with round lifting ring and escutcheon with owners initials ‘E.C.No.3’. Fitted with accessories including bullet mould, powder flask, cap tin and loading rod. Circa 1840.

A pistol of the highest quality in very good condition with most of its original finish.
Charles Jones 26 St James’s Street 1828-42 and Whittal Street Birmingham 1831-43. Gunmaker to William IV, Prince Albert and Louis Philippe King of France.
Provence Dr Robert Rabbet Collection Exhibited at The Craft of the Gunmaker 1640-1870 exhibition at Rochester Guildhall 1991-1992 exhibit No. 88
See Dictionary of London Gunmakers page 123 for trade card.
Sir Edward Conroy, the 2nd Baronet , was born on 6 December 1809 at Dublin. After education at Charterhouse and Christ Church (where he graduated with a Pass Degree in 1830), he went on a European tour. In 1833 he was engaged briefly as an unpaid attaché in the Diplomatic Service at Brussels, and a few years he later he obtained a position at the London General Register Office. The last perhaps gave him a taste for the genealogy and antiquarian studies which were the principal diversion of his later years. To these studies he brought a curious combination of credulity in matters of legend, and critical scholarship in matters capable of documentary proof.

The story of his private life runs like a Victorian melodrama. In 1837 Lady Alicia Parsons, daughter of the Earl of Rosse, eloped with him from London to Gretna Green, where they were married. But the romance did not endure. Soon after the birth of their only child in 1845, they parted, probably because Conroy had a wandering eye. He had an affair with a ‘Mary’ in 1847 and a few years later an ‘adopted daughter’ appears on the scene. She may have been just that, but the circumstances imply that she was in fact his natural daughter, as she subsequently claimed. Shortly before his death, he sent his wife a passionate plea for forgiveness. Her response suggests that reconciliation might have followed, but he died too soon, on 3 November 1869. £7,995

Pair of Purdy Style Percussion Rifled Target Pistols

Pair of Purdy Style Percussion Rifled Target Pistols

A Fine Cased Pair of Purdy Style Percussion Rifled Target Pistols by Alex Henry of Edinburgh. 16 ¼” overall, 9 ½” octagonal, 44 bore barrels, windage adjustable fore and rear sights, engraved scroll at breeches and ‘Alex Henry Edinburgh’ on top flat, Birmingham proofs. Scroll engraved tangs, flat scroll engraved lock plates signed 'Alex Henry’, scroll engraved hammers, rearward sliding safety. Chequered walnut grips, half stocks, engraved steel furniture, scroll engraved trigger guards with pineapple finials, set triggers. Flat steel butts with butt traps. With brass tipped ramrods. In later Fumed Oak campaign style case with brass mounts, with accessories including three way flask, bullet mould, cleaning rod, mallet head and handle, turn screw and Joyce cap tin. Circa 1850

In good condition, barrels with an old refinish, very good rifling. Alex Henry was a specialist rifle maker and made very few pistols. £9,995

John Probin Double Barrel Percussion Sporting Gun

John Probin Double Barrel Percussion Sporting Gun

A Very Fine Cased John Probin Double Barrel Percussion Sporting Gun. 43 ½” overall, 38" 15 bore round barrels signed 'John Probin Lisle Street Leicester Square London' on the rib. Numbered 5310 with proofs on the underside and numbered on breech plugs. Finely scroll engraved long tang, back action lock plate scroll engraved with game birds. Signed ‘John Probin Lisle Street London.’  Dolphin headed hammers.

Highly figured Turkish walnut half stock with chequered grip, engraved iron mounts including scrolled trigger guard engraved with a hound and game birds and trigger plate with shell finial numbered ‘5301’. Escutcheon with crest on underside of butt. Butt plate engraved with game birds, silver barrel bolt escutcheons, brass tipped ebony ramrod with capped charge extraction screw. In its original green baize lined mahogany case with accessories including a Dixon & Son powder flask with graduated nozzle, embossed leather shot bag, nipple key, cleaning rod with jag  and cap tin. The interior of the lid with John Probin’s trade label, the exterior with circular brass carrying handle with owner’s initials ’GRG’ and locking hooks. Circa 1835

A best quality gun in very good practical condition. Original brown to barrel.

John Probin Gunmaker, 29 Lisle St., Leicester Square, 1826-41. 70 Strand 1842; 11 Agar Steet, Strand, 1843-6; 115 St. Martin Lane, 1846. £3,995

Naval Officers Five Ball Spadroon

Naval Officers Five Ball Spadroon

A Georgian Naval Officers Five Ball Spadroon. 39” overall, 32 ½” fullered blade decorated with stands of arms & crowned GR cyphers. Regulation copper gilt hilt, the looping five ball side guard incorporating a fouled anchor, D-shaped five ball knuckle bar, cushion form pommel, grip with copper gilt waist band decorated with a crowned fouled anchor. In its original brass mounted leather scabbard, the upper mount frog stud & two suspension rings with maker's panel for BATTEN & ADAMS DEVONPORT, complete with Naval bullion sword knot. Circa 1785

Sword blade and hilt in good condition, scabbard lacking chap. For a similar example see plate 22 Swords for Sea Service [sold]

French Revolutionary Sabre de Cavalerie & Dragoon

French Revolutionary Sabre de Cavalerie & Dragoon 1784/ANIV, very rare

A Very Rare French Revolutionary Sabre de Cavalerie & Dragoon 1784/ANIV. 43” overall, 36 ¼” flat back sword blade stamped ‘LANGRE’, with correct chisel point. Regulation half basket brass hilt with D-shaped knuckle guard & scrolling ribbon side bar incorporating a Roman fasces surmounted by a Liberty or Phrygian cap. Pommel cap drilled with a hole for a sword knot, stamped ‘HUSSIRUE’ and with various inspector's stamps, double brass wire bound leather covered grip. Circa 1795. Rare sword in very good condition. £1,995

Light Cavalry Troopers Sword

Light Cavalry Troopers Sword

A 1788 Light Cavalry Troopers Sword. 40 ½” overall with a 35 ½” slightly curved blade with a broad fuller to tip. Engraved to one side ‘Gills Warranted’. D-shaped knuckle bow with double langets. Flat pommel, cord wound grip with ray skin covering. In its original sheet iron scabbard with two suspension rings. Circa 1790 

Sword blade and hilt in very good condition, scabbard with some dents. £1,695

Twigg Flintlock Rifled Pistol Carbine

Twigg Flintlock Rifled Pistol CarbineTwigg Flintlock Rifled Pistol Carbine

A Very Rare Twigg Flintlock Rifled Pistol Carbine. 29 ½” overall including the stock, the pistol itself 19 ½” with a 14” octagonal barrel, 28 bore, with adjustable foresight and rearsight, signed ‘Twigg London’ on top flat. Scroll engraved tang, stepped bolted lockplate, swan necked cock, bridled pan, frizzen with roller on the toe. The lockplate signed ‘Twigg’ (2nd signature). Walnut full stock, carved around the barrel tang, with coarsely chequered butt, trigger guard with acorn finial, brass tipped steel ramrod and contemporary skeleton butt. Circa 1775

Rifling in very good condition, one turn in the barrel length, gun with some re-finishing but overall in good condition. £6,495