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Percussion Duelling Pistols by Durs Egg - Cased Pair

A Very Fine Cased Pair of Percussion Duelling Pistols by Durs Egg. 15 ½” overall, 10” sighted octagonal barrels signed in gold ‘D Egg London’, with percussion patent breeches with standing rearsights. Finely engraved tangs. The stepped lockplates engraved at tails, with safety bolts and engraved hammers. The lockplates scroll engraved ‘D. Egg’. Walnut full stocks with coarsely chequered butts and engraved iron furniture, consisting of small buttcaps, spurred long  trigger guards engraved with trophy of arms, set triggers. Horn tipped ramrods, one with screw and one with powder measure. In their original caddy topped mahogany case with inset brass handle and lined with original green baize. With original Durrs Egg Haymarket trade label & accessories including 4 way red leather covered flask, turn screw, bullet mould, wad cutter, oil bottle, rare steel Egg loading rod with a jag. Bone cap box. Also with original flint cocks, frizzens and springs.

Antique Pattern Rifles Durs Egg Pistol Light Cavalry Bayonet Sword Revolver Joseph Manton UK
Very high quality pistols made Circa 1790 and converted to percussion Circa 1830
Durs Egg at Haymarket from 1786 to 1805
Very Good Condition pistols very well converted to percussion
Ex W. Keith Neal Collection, with Keith Neal collection tag P311
Stock number 8977  Price: £12,995

Pattern Baker Rifle by W. Moore

A Very Fine Officers 1805 Pattern Baker Rifle by W. Moore. 46” overall, 30 ¼”
iron twist carbine bore barrel rifled with 11 grooves with gold lined touch hole, fitted with sword bayonet bar at muzzle. Small blade fore sight, three leaf rear sight, the flat at the breech engraved with the makers name "WM. MOORE, RIFLE GUNMAKER 118 WHITE CHAPEL HIGH ST. LONDON"  plain flat bevelled lockplate with stepped tail and bolt safety, the makers name "W. MOORE" set in a recess in a gold block to the centre, v-shaped rainproof pan, roller to frizzen spring and swan neck cock, the lock is detented and the rifle has a set trigger. Brass mounted full walnut stock with finely chequered wrist, raised cheek rest, slit fore-end, the mounts include scroll trigger guard, rectangular patchbox and two rammer pipes, the rifle is fitted with its original adjustable peep sight (which fits in the patch box) and is complete with its sling swivels and rammer.
Circa 1810
Rifle in very good condition, rebrowned barrels, small repair to stock forward of the lock, rifling very good.
William Moore was at 118 Whitechapel 1808-1818.
This is a rare high quality rifle made for an officer or gentleman volunteer for target shooting or service. Baker rifle with all the refinements: detented lock, set trigger and target sights, the 11 groove frictionless rifling is a faster twist than the standard Baker at 1 turn in 30”.

Baker Moore Antique Pattern Rifles Durs Egg Pistol Light Cavalry Bayonet Sword Revolver
William Moore was a noted shot and a member of Acrotormentarian Society of London. They were the only rifle club to survive the Napoleonic Wars and are still in existence today, William Moore supplied rifles to many of the other members.   
Stock number 8962  Price: £9,995

Durs Egg Light Cavalry Trooper’s Sword

A 1788 Light Cavalry Trooper’s Sword by Durs Egg. 41” overall, 36” slightly curved blade with a narrow and a broad fuller, engraved with Turk’s head, a Hussar, man in the moon and trophies of arms. On the back edge “Egg Sohlingen” (this is a Runckle blade mounted by Egg and he has polished off the name Runkle and added his own). ‘D’ shaped stirrup hilt with langets, iron backstrap, leather covered grip. In its sheet metal scabbard with a central leather panel.
Circa 1797
Part of an order of 274 swords that Egg supplied to the Ordnance in June 1797.

Durs Egg Sword Antique Edged Weapon for sale UK
Sword in very good condition.   
See The British Cavalry Sword By R.Deller pages 8 -9. 
Stock number 8967  Price: £2,295

Antique 16 Bore Double Barrelled Sporting Gun

A Fine Cased Joseph Manton 16 Bore Double Barrelled Sporting Gun. 48” overall, the original barrels damaged and shortened by the maker in 1824 to 24 ¼” (with Charles Lancaster barrel smith mark), the new 31 ¾” (with William Fullford barrel smith mark), both barrels signed on the raised top rib 'JOSEPH MANTON HANNOVER SQUARE LONDON'. Fully scroll and border engraved top tang, flat colour hardened locks engraved with flourishes of acanthus scrolls and signed 'JOSEPH MANTON PATENT', slab sided dolphin headed hammers engraved with acanthus scrolls inhabited by a mythical beast. Walnut half stock chequered at the wrist, clipped corner white metal escutcheon behind the top tang engraved with an armorial, iron heel plate, the top spur engraved with a martial trophy, iron trigger guard bow engraved with a musical trophy with pineapple finial. Engraved ramrod throat with brass mounted ebony ramrods for both barrels. Complete with its original walnut case fitted for the longer barrels only and lined and compartmented in green baize, parchment Joseph Manton Hanover Square trade label inside lid and also containing a Britannia metal powder flask, cap tins, shot charger and measure.

16 bore shotgun Sword Antique Edged Weapon for sale UK
Gun made in 1821 as a tubelock and converted to a cap lock in 1824 when the new barrels were made. Serial no. 8629, and the new barrels are serial no. 8869,
Gun in very good condition with most original finish, bore of later barrels near mint.
The armorial on the wrist escutcheon is that of Viscount Tamworth, son of Earl Ferrers, who had the gun made. An ancestor of the last owner was the Parson to the Viscount's family and had the Viscount 'die in his arms' in 1824. The gun was given to the Parson by the Viscount's family and it has remained by descent with the same family ever since. A file of notes on the history and copies of family letters are included with the gun. 
Stock number 8965  Price: £6,495

Over and Under Flintlock Officers Pistol by Durs Egg

A Very Rare Over and Under Flintlock Officers Pistol by Durs Egg. 17 ½” overall, 11 ½” 16 bore twist octagonal barrels, two leaf folding rear sights, signed on top and bottom ‘D. Egg London’ in gold, with iron ramrod with pineapple chequered finial. London Proofs. The breech with gold lines, engraved breech tang decorated with trophy of arms, stepped locks signed ‘D Egg’ engraved with bouquets on the tails, swan necked cocks, semi-rainproof pans and bolt safeties, the steel springs with roller. Chequered walnut butt with engraved steel butt cap, shoulder stock escutcheon, ring on left side for swivel clip, engraved French trigger guard.
Circa 1810             

flintlock officers pistol durrs egg                                                                                         
Very fine and rare pistol in good but old refinished condition. Left hand cock a working life replacement.

I have never seen an Egg over and under pistol with barrels this long.
Durs Egg Son of Leonz Egg, gunmaker, Switzerland. Born 1748, baptised Urs Christian. After a short stay in Paris came to London and worked for John Twigg 1772. Granted denization in 1791. Gunmaker & Sword Cutler. Became gunmaker to George IV & Duke of York.
Stock number 8978  Price: £9,995

Tranter Revolver - A Rare 120 Bore 5 Shot

A Rare 120 Bore 5 Shot Percussion 4th Model Tranter Revolver. 8 ½" overall, 3 ¾” sighted octagonal blued barrel, border and scroll engraved blued frame, serial no. 16011T, border and scroll engraved case colour hardened mounts. Frame and rammer stamped ‘Tranter’s Patent’, chequered wooden grip. In original its green baize lined mahogany case, the lid with trade label for J. H. CRANE, 3, ROYAL EXCHANGE LONDON, complete with original accessories including bullet and cap tins, bullet mould, turn screw, nipple key, loading/cleaning rod and bag shaped flask.
Circa 1865.
In good condition, much original finish, trigger guard rubbed. Patch of finish loss to right side of barrel.

J H Crane Pistol Revolver Antique Gun
William Tranter traded from 13 St. Mary's Row Birmingham from 1849 to 1875, and between 1853 and 1865 was granted six British patents relating to revolvers and their accessories. He was licensed by Deane, Adams &; Deane to make complete Adams' self-cocking revolvers and to use Adams' patented frame for his own revolvers.   
Stock number 8970  Price: £3,695

Sea Service Percussion Pistol - VR 1839 Pattern

A Good VR 1839 Pattern Sea Service Percussion Pistol. 12" overall, 6" round .577 barrel with Tower proofs and inspectors marks. Stepped flat double border engraved line lockplate with Crown VR and Tower 1844 with ordinance stamp. Walnut full stock with ‘BO’, inspector’s and store keeper’s marks. With regulation mounts, butt plate with lanyard swivel, belt hook and swivel ramrod.

Sea-Service-Percussion-Pistol- VR-1839-Pattern-uk-antique-for-sale-8972a
Dated 1844
In good condition some bruising and chips to stock.         
Stock number 8972   Price: £995

Antique Edged Weapon - Heavy Cavalry Officers Transitional Sword

A Rare 1788/96 Heavy Cavalry Officers Transitional Sword. 39” overall, 34” straight blade with single wide fuller. Blue and gilt with scrolling foliage, Britannia, crowned GR cypher, standing officer, an angel and the Royal arms against a blued ground. Steel half basket hilt with slotted stool and knuckle guard with three interconnected side bars, wire bound leather covered grip. In its original steel scabbard. Circa 1795.

A very rare officers sword with the half basket  of the 1788 and a 1796 style blade.
In worn condition two thirds of the blue and gilt good on both sides of the blade, hilt and scabbard lightly rusted. Scabbard suspension rings lacking, grip wire loose. Never seen a sword like it before. Might clean up quite well.
Stock number 8968  Price: £2,495

H.W. Mortimer & Son Pair of Flintlock Saw Handled Duelling Pistols

A Very Fine Cased Pair of Flintlock Saw Handled Duelling Pistols by H.W. Mortimer & Son. 15 ½” overall, 10”octagonal 30 bore Damascus barrels signed on the top-flat 'H.W. MORTIMER & SON, LONDON' over 'GUNMAKERS TO HIS MAJESTY', dove tailed bronze fore-sights, engraved band and gold line at breech, platinum lined touch hole, engraved top tang with sighting groove and standing notch, flat border and trophy engraved locks signed below the rainproof pans 'H.W. MORTIMER & SON, 89 FLEET ST.T'. Engraved French 'C' form cocks with sliding safes behind, engraved frizzens with roller springs, both numbered 1064 on the lock bolster’s, Walnut saw handled full stocks with chequered flat based grips, the pommels inset with engraved white metal oval caps, spurred trigger guard bows, single set triggers, tool ended ramrods and twin plain barrel wedges. In their original walnut case with lifting ring handle engraved ‘Lieut. Skelton XX Regt.’ (Regimental number has been defaced) stamped 1064, lined and compartmented in coarse green baize, 'H.W. Mortimer & Son' parchment label inside lid containing their original three-way flask, a miss-numbered mould, a stripping tool and loading rod.
No 1064 made between 1806-11

Flintlock saw pistols pair cased very fine antique guns
Pistols in near mint condition with nearly all original finish. The best pair of Mortimers to pass through our hands in 40 years.

Lieut. Skelton XX Regt. In the time frame I have found a William Skelton 76th Foot, Thomas Skelton 59th Foot and Philip Skelton 75th Foot. Might be Thomas as he was at the recapture of Cape Town in 1806 and is not in later Army Lists, and these pistols were found in South Africa. Worthy of further research.
Lee Munson “The Mortimer Gunmakers” pp 172-8 pl. 265
Harvey Walklate Mortimer (1753-1819) was appointed Gunmaker to George III in 1783. He was at 89 Fleet Street between 1782 and 1799 and was Contractor to the East India Company from 1796 until 1806 in partnership with his son 1808-1811. He retired in 1811 and died in 1819.  Stock number 8964  Price: £22,995

Antique Edged Weapon Toledo Blade Rapier and Scabbard

A Fine Swept Hilt Italian Rapier with a Toledo Blade in its Original Scabbard. 40” overall, 33 ½”, flattened diamond section double edged fullered blade incised to one side ‘FRANCISCO RUL’ & on the other ‘EN TOLEDO’, rectangular ricasso, steel hilt of round flattened bars, comprising a pair of short quillons swelling towards the terminals, a pair of arms, inner and outer guard each formed of two ring guards, the uppermost joining the base of the arm to the quillon and joined to the knuckle guard by an additional bar. Spirally fluted ovoid pommel, fine wire bound spirally fluted grip with Turk's heads,. Contained in its original leather wrapped wooden scabbard with steel chape. Circa 1580.
In very good condition, scabbards of this age are remarkably rare.
See The Rapier and Small-Sword 1460-1820 by A.V.B. Norman   
Stock number 8969  Price: £6,495

Baker British Service Issue Baker Rifle - Carbine Bore Twist Iron Barrel

A Rare 1805 Baker Rifle Regimentally Marked to the 95th Rifles. 45” overall, 30 ½” carbine bore twist iron barrel rifled with seven grooves & stamped with the King’s proofs. Fitted with a sword bayonet bar at muzzle, blade foresight, the rear sight with a fixed V leaf and a single hinged leaf, flat New Land Pattern lock stamped "TOWER" on the tail with Crown GR & inspector’s stamp, raised semi-waterproof pan, border line engraved flat ring neck cock. Regulation brass mounted walnut full stock with slit pattern fore-end, the butt with cheek rest on the left side and on the right fitted with a rectangular round ended brass patchbox containing a set of original Baker implements. Scroll trigger guard, two rammer pipes, the butt cap engraved '95th / 1 / A / 48', the rifle is complete with its sling swivels and correct ramrod.
Very fine rifle in good condition, very good bore, very rare to find an example with a New Land Pattern lock, stock & barrel, all have the same 1111 stocker’s marks. Lock has crown over 3 inspectors mark, lock stamps are faint. Circa 1808.

This is an exceptionally rare, historic rifle, British service issue Baker rifles are scarce, regimentally marked specimens to an elite regiment exceptionally so. The 95th (Rifle) Regiment served throughout the Peninsular campaign in both Spain and Portugal seeing action in all the major battles. They formed the rearguard on the retreat to Corunna, were present at the battles of Badajoz, Salamanca, Talavera, and Vittoria to name but a few. It is recorded that on the 3rd January 1809 Rifleman Plunket of the 1st Battalion 95th shot and killed French General Colbert at an estimated range of between 400 to 600 yards and then shot another officer who went to the General’s aid, with a Baker rifle such as this. The regiment was also present at one of history's most famous battles, Waterloo, where against all odds they held their position armed with rifles such as this.   
Stock number 8961 Price: Price: £22,995

Pepperbox Revolver by Boston of Wakefield

A fine Cased Five Shot 54 bore Pepperbox Revolver by Boston of Wakefield 9 ¾” overall. 3 ½” fluted barrel group with numbered barrels, florally engraved barrels retaining screw, London Proofs. Steel box lock action, border and scroll engraved, ‘Boston Wakefield’ to left hand side. With double action central hammer. Finely chequered walnut one piece grip with engraved iron butt trap for caps, and engraved iron trigger guard bow. In its original mahogany case lined in green baize, with combined bullet mould loading rod and tools, rare leather covered plunger powder flask, cap tin, and nipple screwdriver.

Trade label of Brown Boston Wakefield. Circa 1845
Pistol in very good condition with 95% finish.
Stock number 8954   Price: £3,995

Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Wogdon & Barton

A Good Pair of Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Wogdon & Barton. 15 ½” overall 10" octagonal  28 bore sighted barrels barrels, the top flats signed in script 'WOGDON & BARTON, LONDON'  each with a gold line & engraved ball band at breech, applied white metal fore-sights, shallow standing notch rear-sights, fully engraved top tangs, gold lined touch holes, plain bevel edged locks with stepped tails, each signed 'WOGDON & BARTON' below the gull wing semi rainproof pans, roller on toe of the frizzens, broad sliding safes behind the swan necked cocks, walnut half stocks with semi slab sided bag shaped butts and horn fore-end tips, double collar ramrod pipes, set triggers & under barrel ramrods, one with worm tip.
Circa 1800
Very fine pair in very good sleepy original condition. Wogdon & Barton half stocked pistols are very uncommon.
See John O'Sullivan & De Witt Bailey, ‘Robert Wogdon & Barton, John Barton, London Gunmakers’ 1764-1819, 2019, pages 186-89 for similar half stocked pistols  by Wogdon and Barton.
Robert Wogdon was apprenticed to Edward Newton of Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1748. He is recorded as 'Gunmaker, at Mr. Maw's Haberdasher, Cockspur St., Charing Cross' in 1764. He carried on his business in Haymarket from 1774 until his retirement in 1802. From 1795 he was in partnership with John Barton who carried on the business following Wogdon's retirement.
Stock number 8963  Price: £12,495

Heavy Cavalry Troopers Sword by Harvey

A Rare 1788 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Troopers Sword by Harvey. 43” overall, 35 ½”  blade with twin fullers, stamped ‘HARVEY’ at the forte and with a partial crown stamp. Regulation steel type A hilt with D-shaped knuckle guard supported by two looping side bars, ovoid pommel, spirally fluted black painted wooden grip.
Circa 1790
Sword in very good condition for a 1788, small loses to the wooden grip.
The Royal Armoires have 240 of type A hilted examples in their collection.
See The British Cavalry Sword By R. Deller pages 17 to 27.   
Stock number 8966 Price: £1,595

Windus Musket by Henshaw 11 Bore Barrel

A Fine & Rare East India Company Windus Musket by Henshaw. 56” overall, 39” round 11 bore barrel struck with East Indian Company, Ordnance and inspector's mark, Crown over ‘8’ at the breech. Lock with ‘EIC’ bale mark and ‘1796’ on the tail and ‘Henshaw’ under the pan with Crown over 1 inspector mark, swan necked cock. Full hand rail stock. Regulation brass mounts, including side plate, trigger guard and three ramrod pipes, with its iron ramrod. Various arsenal markings to breech and mounts.
Dated 1796                                                                                                                       
In  good condition. It is rare to find Windus muskets in original unaltered condition.  
See D.F Harding East India Company Smallarms 1775-1851 pages 25-29 and 204 and 216. Pub 2013
Stock number 8974 Price: £3,495

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