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Bore Adams Revolver - Antique Guns for Sale UK

A Fine Cased 1851 1st Model 38 Bore Adams Revolver 13” overall, 7 ½” octagonal blued steel sighted barrel engraved ‘Deane Adams & Deane 30 King William St London Bridge’, solid blued steel frame with border line engravings & ‘Adam’s Patent No 10292R’ to right hand side, left hand side with spring catch to hold polished hammer clear of the nipples, 5 shot cylinder stamped with London proof marks & engraved ‘No10292R’, blued trigger guard. Chequered walnut butt with steel butt cap & trap to compartment for percussion caps.

In its fitted oak screwed case with Deane Adams & Deane trade label. Original James Dixon pistol flask, loading/cleaning rod with bullet seating & cleaning jag, oil bottle, nipple key & original Adams marked 38 bore brass bullet mould.
Uncommon to find this pistol cased. 
Circa 1853. In very good condition with 95% + finish.

Stock number 8696 -  £5,595

Bore Adams Revolver Antique Guns for sale UK Arms Dealers Militeria

Brown Bess Musket with a Pratt ramrod pipe C1780

A Fine Short Land Pattern 1777 Brown Bess Musket. 58” overall, 42” barrel with Ordnance proofs and engraved ‘69th Reg’. Double border line engraved lock, with Tower on the tail and Crown over GR under the pan, and ordnance mark. Swan neck cock, inspector’s marks stamped inside the lock plate. Walnut full stock with Ordnance stamps. Regulation brass furniture including long land flat sideplate, thumb piece engraved ‘G’ over ‘3’, with a Pratt ramrod pipe. Iron ramrod. Circa 1780

Musket Antique Gun for sale UK British Cavalry Military Swords Edged Weapons

Good Example in very good condition, ramrod an old replacement.

See ‘The Brown Bess’ by Erick Goldstein & Stuart Mowbray page 112-121

The 69th Regiment was formed by redesignating the 2nd Battalion of the 24th Regiment in 1758. That year it took part in the amphibious landings at St Malo and helped capture Belle Isle off the French coast in 1761. It also fought at Martinique in the West Indies in 1762.
During the American War of Independence (1775-83) it took part in the Battle of Saint Kitts (1782) and, while serving as marines, in the Battle of the Saintes (1782). The regiment was assigned South Lincolnshire as its county title in 1782.

The unit’s naval connection continued when detachments served as marines at the capture of Toulon in 1793 and the Glorious First of June in 1794. At the Battle of Cape St Vincent in 1797 men from the 69th were serving on board HMS ‘Captain’ and helped Commodore Horatio Nelson board and capture two Spanish ships. In recognition of this, the unit’s successor regiment was awarded the battle honour Cape St Vincent in 1891 and a naval crown in 1909.

Part of the regiment had deployed to St Domingo in the West Indies in 1796 but lost over 900 officers and men to disease and was pulled out in 1798. The following year, the re-strengthened 69th took part in the Anglo-Russian invasion of Holland.

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Antique Edged Weapon British Cavalry Sword 1848

2nd Lifeguards Troopers Pattern 1848 Sword Antique Edged Weapon British Cavalry Sword 1848

A Very Rare 2nd Lifeguards Troopers Pattern 1848 Sword. 46” overall, 39” broad straight single edged blade with wide fuller, engraved ‘Hamburger Rogers Co 30 King St, Cov Garden London’. Steel honeysuckle pattern bowl guard. Eared backstrap, brass domed pommel and shaped wooden grip with fish skin cover and twisted brass wire. In its iron scabbard with broad rounded bands with two suspension rings, engraved ‘2nd LG 2’.
Circa 1850
A very rare sword in fine condition.

See ‘British Cavalry Sword 1788-1912’ by R Deller page 189-93.
Hamburger Rogers & Co 1840-1917 30 King Street Covent Garden.

Stock number 8835 - £2,495

Pair of Flintlock Muff Pistols James Bridle Antique Old Guns War UK Arms Dealer

A Fine Pair of Flintlock Muff Pistols. 4 ¾” overall, 1 ¼” round turn-off 120 bore barrels with Birmingham proofs, engraved with acanthus at the muzzles, border engraved box lock actions, decorated on both sides with flower heads and foliage, signed ‘Bridle’ to the left hand side and ‘Honiton’ to the right.

Ring necked cocks, sliding safety catches locking the frizzen and concealed triggers. Flat walnut slab sided butts with tablet shaped silver escutcheons.

Circa 1800-10. In very crisp condition.
James Bridle circa 1800-10 in Honiton and 1810-16 in Colyton Devon

Stock number 8833 - £1,695

Birmingham UK Antique Edged Weapon - British Cavalry Sword by Woolley Light Cavalry

A 1788 Light Cavalry Troopers Sword by Woolley. 41” overall, 36” curved blade with twin fullers engraved ‘Woolley Co’ on the back edge. Steel stirrup hilt with long double bar langets, ribbed wooden grip with fish skin cover, iron backstrap and turban roll pommel. In its original sheet steel scabbard with two brazed on suspension rings, engraved ‘Wooley & Co Birmingham’.

Circa 1790. A rare sword in very good condition.

See ‘The British Cavalry Sword 1788-1912’ by Richard Dellar, page 9.

Stock number 8837 - £1,495