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Antique Guns for Sale UK Militeria Dealers Buy and Sell

Antique Guns for Sale UK Militeria Dealers - We Buy and Sell

May 27th, 2021 We are delighted that our Dorking showroom is now open again, initially on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and also by appointment the rest of the week. It has been a long time coming but we have polished the glass and dusted the cabinets down and they are now full of a wonderful array of antique arms and armour for sale.

Flintlock Duelling Pistols by Manton, Egg and Wogdon

There are flintlock duelling pistols by Manton, Egg and Wogdon, amongst others a fine selection of English revolvers by Adams and Tranter, Irish pistols by Rigby, Patterson and Kavanagh.

Howdah and Double Barelled Pistols for Sale UK

Some very fine Howdah pistols and double barrelled pistols by Samuel and Charles Smith and Twigg, Egg and Tatham et al.

Pinfire Revolvers, Colt Pocket and American Civil War Revolvers - Whitney and Remington

There are a range of pinfire revolvers from one private collection and American revolvers such as cased Colt Pocket revolvers, American Civil war revolvers including ones by Whitney and Remington.

Many of the cased pistols come with all their original accessories such as powder flasks, bullet moulds, oil bottles, turnscrews, cap tins and loading rods.

On the walls we have displayed a range of long arms, including Brown Bess India Pattern muskets, Enfield Rifles, Martini Henry Rifles and a wonderful sporting gun by Joseph Egg.

Cavalry Troopers Swords and Scots Sword Battle Waterloo

We also have edged weapons including a selection of 1796 Light Cavalry Troopers Swords, a Scots Greys Heavy Cavalry Troopers sword carried at the Battle of Waterloo and Naval Cutlasses.

From the ceiling we have slung a 10 foot long Indian Matchlock wall gun - just the thing if you have a very wide fireplace to hang it above!

Pair of Flintlock Transitional Duelling Pistols by Jover and Son

16 ¾” overall, 10” 28 bore swamped octagonal barrels with blade foresight and broad engraved gold line at the breach, engraved tang with standing rear sight. Gold oval signed ‘Jover & Son, London’ on top flat. London proof marks and stamp of William Jover. Flat stepped and bevelled lock plates, floral engraved tail, signed in a gold oval ‘Jover’. Vent and pan gold lined. Silver hall marked French style trigger guards engraved with a trophy of arms on the bow with acorn finials. Finely figured walnut full stocks carved with scroll flourish around the tang, silver long spurred butt caps with grotesque masks, silver oval escutcheons and ramrod pipes. Silver mounts are stamped with maker’s mark of Michael Barnett.  Original baleen silver tipped ramrods with worms.

A very fine pair of transitional silver mounted duelling pistols of the highest quality in very fine condition, original plum brown to barrel and some original finish to locks, silver very crisp and unrubbed.

More Transitional Duelling Pistols Photos

Hall Marked 1784   

William Jover, partner in the firm of Nock Jover & Green. 83 Long Acre, 1775. Gunmaker, 337 Oxford Street, 1777. Trade card states “near the Pantheon” 1780-84. Contractor to the Board of Ordnance for muskets 1780, Became Jover & Son (also William) 1784-96 when the partnership became bankrupt. Gunmaker 65 New Bond Street, 1798-1801, 26 Mortimer Street 1802-10.

The wife/mother (?) Mary Jover is listed as gunmaker at 26 Mortimer Street 1805-08

Stock number 8762 £18,495

A 1796 Light Cavalry Trooper’s Sword

Antique Guns for Sale UK Flintlock Pocket Pistols  Flintlock Transitional Duelling Pistols Cavalry Antique Swords

37 ½” overall. 33” curved fullered blade with crown over ‘11’ inspector’s mark, and ‘Woolley & Co' on the spine. Spine further marked with ‘B’ balance marks. Regulation stirrup shaped hilt with ribbed leather covered grip. In its original iron scabbard.

Circa 1800. Sword photos click here

Sword and scabbard in good condition.

Stock number 8758  £1,295 

A Pair of Flintlock Pocket Pistols by Griffin.

7 ½” overall. 2” turn-off cannon barrels, engraved square actions with ‘Griffin’ and ‘Bond Street London’ in ribbons, plain round breeches, London proofs and ‘1’ & ’2’ .Centre mounted cocks & frizzens, sliding trigger guard safeties, walnut slab sided butts.

Circa 1770. For more Flintlock Pocket Pistol photos click here

Antique Guns for Sale UK Flintlock Pocket Pistols  Flintlock Transitional Duelling Pistols Cavalry Antique Swords

In very good condition nearly all original finish remaining. Hardly used, frizzen faces show no wear.

Joseph Griffin was turned over to his father in 1741 and was free of the Gunmakers' Company in 1750. He was appointed Gentleman Armourer to His Majesty's Stables-in-Ordinary in 1760 and was elected Master of the Gunmakers' Company in 1761 and 1763. In partnership with his father until 1770 and with John Tow, 1771-82, he died in 1784.

Stock number 8754 £2,250

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